Trippie app Net Worth 2023 NEW UPDATE- What happened to Trippie app after the Shark Tank

Trippie app is an airport navigation mobile application created for travelers. The Trippie app is estimated to have around $4.5 million net worth in 2023.  It appeared in the Shark Tank Season 9 episode 2. So, the founder Ryan Diew joined the Show hoping for $100,000 for 10% of equity. 

However, unfortunately, the Trippie app had to leave Shark Tank without a deal. But the company is still operating successfully in 2023. And later it became one of the successful mobile applications without a deal on Shark Tank.

But how does the Trippie app gain a net worth of around $4.5 million after the Shark Tank? Let’s find out more.

Trippie app Net Worth UPDATE 2023

Trippie app’s net worth is estimated at around $4.5 million in 2023. followingly, it’s estimated to have a $3 million revenue at the end of 2022. Also, according to our calculations, the company was valued at around $1 million at the time of the show.

Read  Trippie app’s worth and networth update in brief here.

How is the Trippie app doing now [Latest Update]        

The Trippie app is Still in the market in January 2023. Also, the app is still maintaining over four-star ratings. However its a lack of reviews recently. Also, the company’s Instagram was last updated in 2021.

However, the company upgraded from 4 airports to 22 airports immediately after the show in 2018. With that, he won a Tech Done Right award in Oakland, CA same year. Followingly, it expanded to 120 airports. This includes 82% of the US airports.

What is the Trippie app?

Trippie app is an iOS mobile application created for travelers with an interactive map. It requires IOS 10 or an updated operating system on your smartphone. It has a well-detailed map of the airport and helps travelers navigate easily. Also, it especially focused on locating dining places inside airports.

The Trippie app shows travelers exactly where to go in airports around the world. The interactive map contains photos and reviews about the place user is at. Also, this allows you to track flights and win rewards on the app.

The app helps to explore with an interactive map. So, it’s like a lay of the land in your pocket while traveling. Because of this amazing technology, everyone is curious about the founder.

Who is the founder of the Trippie app?

Ryan Diew is the founder of the Trippie app. Also, he played NCAA Div. 1 basketball at Colgate university. He is a resident of Oakland CA USA. Not only that he is a full-time partner of Entrepreneur in Residence with based ventures.

“You can always make time. You can stack processes; for example, I was on the bus going to away games and most people would sleep — that would be my time to sneak in a few hours of code.”

Ryan Diew

In an interview with Business 2 Community in 2017, the developer of the app, Diew, said he did just that with his app which is designed to help travelers navigate through often busy and sometimes confusing airport terminals.

He pitched the ABC Shark Tank Season 9-episode 2 Following are updates revealing what happened to the Trippie app at the Shark Tank.

What happened at the Shark Tank?

The Trippie app appeared on Shark Tank hoping for $100.000 for 10 % of the company. Then he verbally demonstrates his stressful experience inside airports. Following that he explained to the Sharks how the app is working. 

But after discussing with him the build-up and the sales plan all of the Sharks were not impressed with the app. So, Lori Greiner decided to drop the deal first. Following that Ryan said * Unfortunately I don’t have that rich uncle”. These words irritated all the sharks including Robert Herjavec. So, he said, “go with what you have don’t look at what you don’t have.” And with that, he drops the deal.

Rohan Oza followed him. Barbara thought it was too early and she is out. Following this Rayan was visibly seen as very disappointed. But Mark Cuban also decided to drop the deal and Trippie went without a deal.

Trippie app Shark Tank UPDATE- What happened After the Shark Tank?

Even though it received a harsh bad experience there were over 12000 downloads of the app after the show (Via Colgate) Also they managed to expand to 22 airports immediately after the show. Following that now up to 120 airports joined.

Following this success, he joined seed fund-based ventures. So he said to Colgate maroon news “Base ventures allowed me to start working on Trippie as an Entrepreneur in Residence on their couch” Later he managed to add a restaurant rating system to the app.

Trippie is funded by 2 investors. Colgate University and Colgate Entrepreneurs Fund are the most recent investors. Also, Trippie takes first place at Colgate University E-Weekend Shark Tank.

He considers the experience at Shark tank to be a “cool experience” for success (Via heavy). Not only that he was featured in the list of the top influential African-American in technology.

Trippie app product review

The Trippie app received positive reviews since its launch. (Via apple store) Also, the app has over four stars on the apple store. Not only that the users have positive ideas about the interactive app. Many praised it for helping them through the stressful journey inside airports. 

A comprehensive and detailed view of the app on the airport helped many to navigate easily. However, many waiting for it to release for Android phones. (Via apple store review)

Who are the competitors of the app?

There are a few mobile applications with similar features. Some of them are LoungeBuddyTransit, App in the air, Audetemi inc, Mobile passport control, and flight awareness.

Trippie app is one of the mobile applications that left the Shark Tank without a deal. But the company became one of the mobile apps spread worldwide even without Shark’s support. Also, the company is still successful in business in 2023.


What does the Trippie app do?

Trippie app help to explore airports with interactive maps and Track flights. It also helps users to win rewards while using.

What is the Trippie app from Shark Tank Net Worth?

The application was worth around $ 3 million in 2023.

Who is the CEO of Trippie? 

Ryan View is the creator and CEO of the Trippie app.

What is the Trippie app for navigating airports?

Trippie app is an IOS application helping travelers navigate through airports.

What is the best airport guide app?

FLIO is considered the best airport navigation app on the apple store.

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