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People’s Biggest Fears from Different Countries

Fear is something we all feel, no matter where we live. It’s interesting to discover what scares people in different countries. In a YouTube video, I learned about some of the biggest fears people have around the world. These fears range from money troubles to natural disasters and even ghosts!

Let’s take a closer look at what scares people in various countries.

China: No Money

In China, many people worry about not having enough money to meet their needs. They fear struggling to make ends meet and not having the things they need to live comfortably.

Finland: War with Russia

Finns live close to Russia, and they have a fear of war breaking out between the two countries. The history and tension between them make this fear very real for some.

Canada: Snakes

Even though Canada is known for its beautiful landscapes, some Canadians are afraid of snakes. They worry about encountering venomous snakes, although it’s not very common.

Malaysia: Job Loss

In Malaysia, people are afraid of losing their jobs. With technology advancing quickly and more competition, the fear of unemployment and financial instability is a big concern.

Pakistan: Identity Crisis

Pakistanis worry about losing their unique cultural identity. They fear that with globalization and modernization, their traditions and way of life might disappear.

Australia: Getting Sick

Australia has amazing wildlife, but some Australians fear getting sick. They worry about venomous creatures, extreme weather, and outbreaks of diseases.

Bangladesh: No Freedom of Speech

In Bangladesh, people fear not being able to speak their minds freely. They worry about restrictions on expressing opinions and political disagreements.

Japan: Earthquake

Living in Japan means facing the fear of earthquakes. The country has a history of devastating quakes, and people worry about their safety during these natural disasters.

Nigeria: Insecurity

Insecurity is a big fear in Nigeria. People worry about armed conflicts, terrorism, and high crime rates. They just want to feel safe and secure in their own country.

Vietnam: Afterlife Peace

In Vietnam, people fear not finding peace in the afterlife. They believe in spiritual practices and rituals to ensure a peaceful journey after death.

Indonesia: Corruption

Corruption is a major fear in Indonesia. People worry about how it affects their daily lives, government services, and economic progress.

Italy: Equality

Italians fear inequality. They worry about economic disparities and social divisions that can prevent equal opportunities for everyone.

Thailand: Ghosts

Thai folklore and superstitions have made people fear ghosts. They believe in supernatural beings and haunted places, which can give them quite a fright!

Hungary: Poverty

Hungarians have a fear of poverty. They worry about not having enough money to live comfortably and the limited opportunities it might bring.

Ireland: Rats

Surprisingly, some people in Ireland are scared of rats. They worry about encountering these creatures, especially in urban areas where rats can be found.

South Korea: Discrimination

Discrimination is a fear that South Koreans face. They worry about being treated unfairly based on factors like gender, age, or social class. They want equal rights and fair treatment for all.

UK: Heights

Believe it or not, some people in the UK are afraid of heights. They have a fear called acrophobia, which makes them nervous when they’re up high in tall buildings or on bridges.


People’s fears vary from country to country, showing us how different cultures and environments shape our concerns. Whether it’s money troubles, natural disasters, or even ghosts, fear is something we all experience. Understanding these fears helps us appreciate the diverse challenges people face worldwide.

What do you think?

Written by MSM Riham

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