The Pasta Crisis Threatens Us All | Italy's Crisis Could Impact the World
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The Pasta Crisis Threatens Us All | Italy’s Crisis Could Impact the World!”

Due to the rise of pasta prices Italy’s pasta industry is facing a crisis. Industry Minister of Enterprise, Adolfo Urso, has called for a meeting to address the alarming surge in pasta prices, which have risen by 17.5% between March 2022 and March 2023.

Lawmakers, consumer rights groups, and pasta makers have come together to identify the idea behind the drastic rise in pasta prices. The commission targets to find out why pasta prices have doubled compared to Italy’s regular inflation rates.

Seeking Answers in a Changing Market

The rise in pasta is shocking, as the main ingredient used to prepare pasta, durum wheat price has actually decreased by approximately 30% from May 2022 to the present day. Lawmakers are set to find a reason for this.

Pasta prices vary across different regions of Italy. Cities like Siena have experienced a high price hike of up to 58%, while areas like Alessandria have seen moderate increases of under 5%. The Russia-Ukraine conflict and general raw material fluctuation have further complicated the situation.

Consumer rights groups blame large food corporations for corporate greed, stressing that there is no reason for the price rise. However, pasta makers confirm that the price rise was due to inventory disposals made when raw material costs were high.


The commission remains confident despite the current challenges. After having a discussion with pasta makers we can observe that pasta prices will rise in the coming months as supply chain issues ease. Even though Italians cherish their pasta traditions, many efforts are done to identify the rise of pasta prices and the solutions to ensure the affordability of this beloved culinary staple.

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