Is XNSPY’s Latest Build Going to Change The Phone Monitoring Landscape?

Is XNSPY’s Latest Build Going to Change The Phone Monitoring Landscape

XNSPY, the mobile phone monitoring app that assists in tracking smartphone devices for the owner’s security, just got a new update. As the demand for effective phone monitoring solutions continues to rise, XNSPY’s latest offering presents a direct response to the evolving needs of individuals, families, and businesses seeking to ensure their digital safety.

The app developers have made several new adjustments which include improvements to geofencing, location tracking, ambient recording, and screen recording features.

In today’s guide, we’ll look at these changes in detail and see how you can benefit from the latest update of XNSPY.

How Has XNSPY Improved Monitoring In Its Latest Release

Here are some additions and improvements that XNSPY has made.

a. Background Noise Recording

Now you can turn on the microphone flawlessly and covertly on the tracked smartphones and other digital devices to record in-depth sounds from their surroundings using the XNSPY ambient recording capability. It comes in handy when you want to ensure your loved ones’ safety by listening to their environment.

The app offers full coverage, allowing access to the file recordings through the Record Surround tab on the left menu.

The recent update has improved this feature of the app as below:

  • The app’s background noise capture range was expanded from 2 to 3 meters in the most recent update, helping capture everything within a 3-meter radius.
  • Speaking of audio quality, the app’s bitrate has improved at which the audio file is saved on the dashboard. Before the software could only record audio waves at 144 kbps, but it can now do so at 320 kbps, which is virtually noise-free.
  • The maximum time for ambient recording has also been extended from 10 to 30 minutes.

Other monitoring apps have ambient recording implemented as well but none of them produce such high-fidelity audio and usually make the phone heat up if the mic is left on for a prolonged period of time.

b. Location Tracking and Geofencing

This is a key component of XNSPY, undergoing continuous development and widely used by many XNSPY subscribers. This functionality enables real-time device location tracking.

In case the phone is not connected to the internet, it displays the device’s last known location and helps in locating the history of the phone’s movements.

Additionally, you can set up geo-fencing to receive alerts for entry and exit locations.

This function works automatically because it operates independently of the user’s location settings. This enables the program to download the location information automatically and store it on its servers. Only a few monitoring apps are able to do this without any constraints.

c. Screen Capture

Screen Record is another salient feature. Its widespread use can be ascribed to its simple screenshot-taking functionality that works without interfering with other operations.

Every 5 seconds, the software will automatically snap a screenshot and upload it to the server, including social media screenshots. You can then browse these screenshots to see the current state of the phone’s activities.

It also displays the full in-app experience to XNSPY users after the company added support for these apps in the most recent release.

The updated feature automatically arranges the high-resolution screenshots in the relevant social media tabs on your online dashboard. This facilitates and accelerates the search for pertinent screenshots. 

d. Call Analysis

Call analysis is another latest feature that offers comprehensive information on each call placed and received, it efficiently enhances the call log monitoring feature.

Call analysis features include a Call Time Activity Punch Card, giving detailed information on the top five callers and the top five call durations which days received the highest number of calls.

The simplicity, insightfulness, and data analytical ability are precursors of a fine-tuned call analysis feature.

e. App Blocking

With the latest XNSPY update, you can now block apps as well. If you feel some apps are getting too intrusive and debilitating your loved ones’ well-being, you can toggle the block switch to enable or disable any app for as long as you need.

f. Support for More Social Media Apps

XNSPY’s latest build includes support for 4 popular social media apps: YouTube, Signal, TikTok, and Telegram which widens XNSPY’s already impressive range of monitored platforms.

With XNSPY, you can now keep an eye on YouTube activities, like the videos watched, comments posted, and channels subscribed to. Similarly, you can now monitor Signal and Telegram and get insights into the conversations, media files, and group interactions taking place on these highly encrypted platforms.

Also, you can now monitor TikTok usage, including the videos viewed, comments made, and profiles followed. This allows you to keep a watchful eye on your loved ones’ interactions and ensure their online experiences remain positive and free from harmful content.

How are the XNSPY Developers Changing the Phone Monitoring Landscape

Here are some ways that have helped XNSPY revolutionize the cell phone monitoring industry.

i. Overcoming Security Changes

The XNSPY developers continuously add support to their mobile phone monitoring app to overcome encryption protocols of social media networks and any major security changes in a device’s operating system. This makes XNSPY soar ahead of the competition.

ii. Faster App Installation

The latest version of XNSPY has also prioritized ease of use. The APK file is now lighter, which means that the device can be set up quicker and the app installation is faster. Now to monitor with the XNSPY app, you no longer have to wait for it to get in sync with a device as compared to the previous version when the syncing time was 1 or 2 days.

Moreover, it also supports APK sideloading so you can easily install any version of the XNSPY app on your phone without going through Google Play Store.

iii. Easily Removable

In addition to these features, XNSPY is also easily removable from a tracking device when it’s done serving its purpose.  It is due to an advanced, anti-tracking feature that prevents it from sending the user’s location data or other personal information back to its servers. 

It is a highly demanded feature that other apps don’t offer but XNSPY has added it into the new features set.

Summing Up

Keeping all these facts in mind, XNSPY is continuously changing the mobile tracking landscape by adding new features, improving its security, adding support for new apps, and listening to its customer base.

Because of this, its popularity is no surprise to anyone. Let’s hope that XNSPY keeps on adding new features to serve every user’s purpose.

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Written by Joshua White

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