Scientists Introduce A New Vaccine To Beat Drug Overdose!

Scientists Introduce A New Vaccine To Beat Drug Overdose!

Scientists from the University of Montana have come up with a New vaccine to beat drug overdose! overdoses from fentanyl and heroin are very common around the world. The new vaccine aims to save the lives of those who are battling with substance addiction. It even focuses on safeguarding those that are vulnerable to unintentional overdoses. This scientific marvel can be a hope to many. Let’s take a look at the study and findings!

According to the director of the University of Montana (UM) Center for Translational Medicine, Jay Evans, the vaccine neutralizes the targeted opioids. TLR7/8 adjuvant seems to have increased the effectiveness of the new vaccine, according to the study. Phase 1 of the clinical trials is ready to start at Colombia University by 2024. The team also hopes to get the FDA approval later this year as well.

The research team of the University of Montana has worked closely with the University of Minnesota, the University of Washington, the Hennepin Healthcare Research Institute, and Columbia University in developing this wonderful treatment.

Drug overdose deaths are a huge concern for people of all ages and genders. There are more than 106,000 deaths a year in the U.S. alone due to drug overdoses. Worldwide there are about 500 000 deaths a year. This new development could mean a life-changing treatment for this fatal cause.

The first vaccine will target heroin, followed shortly thereafter with a fentanyl vaccine in Phase 1 clinical trials. Once we establish safety and early efficacy in these first clinical trials, we hope to advance a combined multivalent vaccine targeting both heroin and fentanyl,” Evans said.

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