New Eye Company, what happened to innovative eye-protective wear after the shark tank

Safety glasses are the need of many employees working in a company. Many companies prescribe their safety glasses and that is very costly. This takes so much time for the employees plus the replacement cost. 

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New Eye Company, what happened to innovative eye-protective wear after the shark tank

All you think is that you may have some eyeglasses that are replaceable easily. Or do you think you could put or reinsert your high-priced lenses into some other low-priced frames? At the same time, you need urgent replacement of your lenses, but you could not find it in time. All this makes you frustrated. 

The new eye company perfectly stands for it and simply provides a solution to all your problems. 

Thanks to The New Eye Company for this fantastic product. 

What is a New Eye Company?

Every optician and ophthalmologist tries to prescribe the most suitable safety glasses to his clients. And what about an optician who himself makes such an amazing product that can satisfy all of his clients!

Yes, Andy Mehringer did the same. He based an eye company that is popular as The New Eye Company. The products of this company are so amazing that you can get out your lenses any time and can reinsert them into some local frames easily.

This amazing product has a foil beneath the frame. This foil is very handy and helps the lenses to get protected from scratches and brunt. You can easily remove the foil, get the lens off the frame, and put it back in just 20 seconds.

Prescription Safety Glasses from the New Eye Company use our Optical safety System, including the award winning IC Safety Glasses range.

The New Eye Company is a base of a range of safety glasses that every employee can easily use. These glasses are also known as Rx-able sports and safety glasses. 

It is the first series of safety eyewear that originated from Australia in 2011 and won the ABC’s New Inventor Award. 

Who came up with the idea? The founder of The New Eye Company

Andy Mehringer is an ophthalmologist who was born in New Zealand. Then he shifted to Australia and there he stuck with an amazing business idea. He started thinking that all of his clients find it tough to replace the company’s prescribed safety glasses every time. 

The main problem with ordinary eye wearers is that they are big, pretty ugly, and so much heavy. The major issue with other glasses is that they have big and exposed lenses. And they also are with dull and dim colures. 

The founder of the company took these issues very seriously and came up with a high-classed yet affordable range of glasses. 

Andy Mehringer is an award winner and renowned optician and thus the founder of the great company. 

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What happened to Andy’s offer at the Shark Tank?

Andy Mehringer appeared in the famous TV show Shark Tank and presented his business idea to the Sharks. 

He started so smoothly and presented his products in such a fantastic way that all the sharks got impressed. All the products were of amazing colors and quality. Most importantly, the price of the product is very handy and affordable. 

Andy Mehringer demanded $150K for 20% of the shares in his business. He presented a straight estimation of the revenue that the company will generate in the future. This impressed the great investors. And Andy got fabulous offers…

In the very first, Andrew offered him $150K but for 30% shares in the business.

Glen also put forward the same offer of a 30% stake with a $150k investment. 

In the end, Steve offered an investment of $150k but for a 25% stake. 

What happened to the offer after the Shark Tank?

With the investment of three renowned investors, The New Eye Company got an amazing success. The experience of the big sharks and distributors in the region helped the founder of the company to make an unbelievable profit. 

Now, the eye company is generating revenue of $3 million. And the job is not done yet!

All the shareholders of the company cling together to come up with amazing ideas. 

They try to modify and rectify the products. 

Now, you will find Rx-able safety glasses in many areas of the world. All the big companies are demanding these safety glasses for their employees. 

Thus, the success is high, the failure is low!