Luv Ur Self. The 13-Year-Old That Captured the Hearts of Sharks. What happened to Luv Ur Self after the shark tank?

Everyone is using skincare products for their skin. These products are available in various price ranges and skin compatibility. The real struggle is to find a product that is compatible with your skin having no side effects. All of the youngsters are eager to know and get the best product for their skin. You want a product with no or very few antiaging effects as well as skin-friendly. You can find a wide range of products in every store and still feel unsatisfied. Suddenly, you came across LUV Ur Self skincare products, and then you are happy and satisfied to find them. 

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Luv Ur Sel. The 13-Year-Old That Captured the Hearts of Sharks. What happened to Luv Ur Self after the shark tank

Keeping in view the frustration and struggle of youngsters, the little entrepreneur Izzi Dymalovski launched a series of skincare products. These products are very smooth and tension-free for the young generation. 

What is Luv Ur Self?

Luv Ur Self is a series of skincare products that are dominating in Australia. This series includes a wide range of lip oils, body lotions, nail polish, body washes, etc. these products are very useful for teens and tweens. As a young girl, you have to be very careful while using skin care products. But this brand has made it easy for you and you can use desired products without any tension. Luv Ur Self products are wonderful with no anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects. 

Having such an amazing product helps you to maintain your skin’s natural tone. You will surely love yourself after using Isabella’s products. 

Luv Ur Self helps you to maintain your skin’s natural tone

Founder of Luv Ur Self

 Isabella Dymalovski is a very young and dominating entrepreneur. She is the founder of Luv Ur Self skincare products. Isabella Dymalovski is a very passionate and smart girl. She came up with an idea of skincare products when she was only 8 years old. The trigger behind this idea was her mother who once asked her not to use her skincare products. She loved using these products but her mother told her that these are not suitable for her baby- skin.

 Then the young girl got stuck with it and thought of a plan to make skincare products. She is a student in Melbourne and she loves chemistry. This interest in chemistry helped her to come up with formulas and ingredient plans for the products. Now, she is a prevailing young entrepreneur with thousands of daily buyers. 

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What happened at the Shark Tank?

 The young Isabella Dymalovski appeared in Shark Tank. she proposed her business plan to great investors. 

‘All the skincare products of Luv Ur Self are anti-aging and anti-inflammatory

Isabella at shark tank pitch

She asked the investors to invest $65K for a 20% stake to grow her business in America. She attracted the investors with her business plan at such a young age. All were stunned and happy to see the efforts of a little girl. Every member of the Shark Tank assured a free mentorship and products promotion to Isabella Dymalovski. But none of them were agreed to invest. Young girl’s busy routine for school and her ongoing study needs time before planning such a huge business, that is what the shark tank team concluded. 

What happened after the Shark Tank?

Isabella Dymalovski made a huge success after appearing in Shark Tank. she got a lot of coverage and media exposure. she was still selling her products and now she is considered one of the best young entrepreneurs. Hundreds of pharmacies and stores are buying her skincare products. She is all up to update her product range every year. 

‘It is amazing being set up in the center of Fed Square and it’s a cool environment here that we got chosen for the Melbourne this year’. 

The future is bright for the young Isabella Dymalovski and she is promising to get more success. “we are having our products in more than 370 stores all over the nations and that is our priceless success” said Isabella. 

She has since spent time working with Boost Juice founder Janine Allis, while prominent businessman Andrew Banks helped organize the deal with Priceline. As a team, Isabella is eager to make new deals and success rates in the future. 

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Written by MSM Riham

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