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Scrubba Washbag, what happened to Portable Washing Machine after the shark tank

Imagine you are out of your home and you need to change your clothes very often. But at the same time, you cannot carry a large bag full of all the required items. And the main item is your outfits in every tour. So you need to wash your available clothes again and again. Still, you cannot carry a big washing machine everywhere. Or you cannot find this facility everywhere during your stay. 

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Scrubba Washbag, what happened to Portable Washing Machine after the shark tank

Here’s an amazing invention as a solution to this problem, The Scrubba Washbag. The proud founder of this product is Ashley Newland. The founder of this invention took so much applaud and dominance. 

This invention is a real blessing for those who are fond of traveling. Now you can travel around the world with no tension of washing your outfits. 

What is Scrubba Washbag and What’s its Technology?

Scrubba washbag is an amazing technology and idea that achieved so much prevalence and popularity. This is a small bag or you can say it is a portable washing machine that travelers and campers can use.

The technology of Scrubba Washbag is very simple. It’s based on a simple idea and has a lot of knobs in it. These knobs simply work as a washboard and help to wash your clothes. Hundreds of knobs inside the portable machine help to rub the cloth and get a clean one. 

Each Scrubba washbag saves an average of 1000 liters & 7.5Kg of carbon each year.

Working of Portable washing machine

What you have to do is to put your clothing in this bag with a small amount of water. Then rub the washbag gently for a few minutes and here you got a cleaned piece of cloth. You can put your coat in it for washing. Or you can also use this portable washing machine to wash your pair of jeans. 

The amazing mini washing machine uses a minimum amount of water. It doesn’t need electricity and can work everywhere. It takes minimum space that it can fit into your pocket. 

Ashley Newland is an amazing person who came up with an idea when he needed a portable washing machine during his tour. The innovative product is eco-friendly and weighs only 140g. 

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What happened at the Shark Tank?

The way of presenting your ideas is all you need to impress the people. 

This is what Ashely did at the Shark Tank. Ashley Newland presented his product there in such a clever and impressive way that he got an enormous response. He proposes his business for the 8% shares with a $178k investment. also, Ashley Newlandmanaged to attract great investors and returned with a bang. Ashley made his statement that he will present his product to the U.S military as it’s their real need. 

At that time, he was 100% shareholder of his business. Andrew questioned him why he needs Sharks to invest while his parents are in trademarks. He cleverly answered with a bang -calculated revenue of the product in the future. 

Steve offered Ashely in the very first with $180k for a 15% stake.

Naomi offered him $200k for a 20% stake.

Janine offered an investment of $204 with 17% of shares in the business. 

What happened to Scrubba Washbag After the Shark Tank

The smooth idea of portable washing machine did not fail at all and found its way to impress great investors. Ashley requested the investors to make a partnership with each other. Steve and Janine did it collectively for $20k with 20% shareholders in the business. It was the start of the great journey for Ashley.

After appearing and impressing the sharks in the Shark Tank Ashley made an impressive journey of success. He got a large number of retailers and distributors from many countries. 

Ashley used his concept to make a Scrubba stealth pack. This pack can do multifunction. It can serve as a backpack, a washing machine, or a camp shower. 

In the beginning, Ashley sold his products at a very low rate. The main idea was to introduce his product to the world. After launching, this idea turned out with a bang. 

After launching his first product in 2012, Ashley did a hard work of 2 years. In 2014 he made an incredible profit and every year he generates millions of revenues. He is having a lot of designers, manufacturers, and retailers in many regions of the world. 

Now, many countries use this portable washing machine and all its alternatives. It’s all over the world with booming success!

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Written by MSM Riham

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