Thinking of buying a card gift for someone special? Don’t feel like going to local stores and also didn’t like readymade online gift cards. 

Some have design issues, some cards have very dull quotes!!

Also, you don’t have time otherwise you will make it yourself. What to do?


Read what happened to Cardly’s worth and net worth update in brief here.

What is “Cardly”? 

Founded in 2015, The company is a greeting card online marketplace. It is completely eco-friendly, very convenient for users, and a very supportive platform for artists.

You don’t have to go anywhere!

Just send the ideal card from your computer or phone, just like you did it yourself.

First of all, you have to pick the design of your choice. Second, type your message, and lastly give the address of where you want to send it.

It’s so easy? Not only this, but your message on your card will also be in human handwriting as you have written it by yourself.

“YOU WRITE, WE POST” is the motto of Cardly.

Cardly is Eco-friendly, handy, and helps amazing artists do what they love.

Patrick Gaskin and Tom Clif

Patrick Gaskin and Tom Clif are the faces behind the company. 

Together they started this greeting card company. Patrick is also the CEO of company who looks after the entire business side, while Tom handles the technical side of the business.

What happened at the shark tank?

At Shark Tank, Patrick Gaskin requested $250,000 from the Sharks as a trade-off for a 7 % return.

Later, Patrick Gaskin stated on the Shark Tank show that their company currently has a business value of $3.57 million.

Patrik Gaskin also said that company keeps working on every single idea in the gift card industry so that they can give an experience to their customers which they are looking for and for this, they had more than 50+ artists in their Cardly community.

Tom Cliff also said that to give the experience of human handwriting in gift cards, they take a good handwriting font and then do it like human writing, they do their own-made humanization process in which computer writing looks like human handwriting.

The Sharks were quite amazed at the presentation. But, they were not interested in a 7% return. Sharks wanted at least a 30% return should be there for a $250,000 investment.

Sharks again asked that you tell your current business model and how are you going to take your business forward?

In response to Sharks, Patrik says that most of the work has been done without any marketing and we want to double our business numbers by next year and quadruple by the next year after that.

After that, Steve and Jannie offered a 33.3% stack for a $250,000 investment. Which product rejected.

After that Naomi said that 7% is not in return. Are we talking about investment deals here?

Naomi was fed-up with such deals from Cardly.

Lastly, Naomi talks about a 15% return and if Naomi brings 50,000 customers to them in the next 6 months, then Cardly will have to increase the return to 25%.

At first, Patrik refused to take this offer but later accepted Naomi’s offer.

What happened to Cardly after Shark tank? 

Even after accepting Naomi Simpson’s investment in Shark Tank, Team Cardly and Naomi didn’t work together.

Team Cardly later revealed that that deal was no more and they have decided to look somewhere else for funding.

Cardly later received a $230,00 deal from the Queensland University of Technology’s Creative Enterprise Australia accelerator and also contributed by other investors, including Alan Jones.

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