Thinking of getting a job in the sales industry or are you not getting job offers with your current knowledge of sales?

Confused, what to do next?

Have you ever heard of “SWISH Sales Coaching”?

Read what happened to ISR Training’s worth and net worth update in brief here.

What happened to Jack and Ryan's Business SWISH Sales Coaching after Shark Tank

What is “ISR Training”? 

ISR Training is an award-winning sales ethics training and communication coaching organization currently known as SWISH Sales Coaching.

It was founded in 2014 to create more authentic, relationship-oriented, and meaningful connections between consultants and prospects, business owners and employees. , and even friends and family.

“SWISH” is the primary motto behind their vision which means Selling with Integrity & Selling Honestly.

Jack Corbett & Ryan Tuckwood – Founders of ISR Training

Jack is the co-founder of SWISH Sales Coaching, Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2017, and Shark Tank’s success story. 

Considered one of Australia’s most successful and talented young entrepreneurs and lecturers, having owned several businesses from his roots to becoming the UK’s largest property commission, Jack has since enjoyed huge success at an early age.

Ryan Tuckwood is another half of the Shark Tank winners of SWISH Sales Coaching and is now widely regarded as the #1 ethical sales coach in the world. He is not only the co-founder but also the CEO of the company.

Ryan has now coached nearly 6,000 businesses and individuals around the world, showing his clients how to close over $1 billion in new sales revenue in the past few years alone.

History of SWISH Sales Coaching, Formerly ISR Training

Founded in 2014 as ISR Training with the vision to help the young generation in the sales industry.

Currently, it is known as SWISH Sales coaching.

Co-founder Jack told us that before starting it in 2013, there was a lot of unemployment in this industry. Our today’s youth go down the wrong path, they become addicts to drugs. So he wanted to help them by training the sales. 

That’s how it all started!

What happened to SWISH Sales Coaching in the shark tank 

At Shark Tank, Jack requested $125,000 from the Sharks as a trade-off for a 20 % return. Jack also mentioned that they have also projected and will give the return to the Sharks in 16 months.

Later, Jack mentioned that ISR has two sides, one is training and the other is recruitment. Their recruitment agency is doing very well in the Gold Coast region of Queensland, Australia. 

They want to increase their business in other parts of Australia too.

Jack also said that with the help of Sharks, SWISH Sales coaching can increase their demographic region in Australia, and with that, it will also increase their revenue and their current business value is $6.25 million. 

TIll now, Sharks were pretty amazed by his’s presentation.

Later, Jack said that when they started it in 2013, there was a lot of market unemployment. In such a situation, youth go down the wrong path, they become drug addicts. From an early age, his background was in the sales industry, so he wanted to solve this problem by training the youth in sales.

All sharks were impressed with his vision and goal till now and Andrew Banks gave him an offer of $125,000 investment in 20% return.

Later, Steve Baxter and Dr. Glen Richards also gave him the same offer as Andrew Banks.

After getting the same offer from 3 Sharks, Jack wants to make it clear and asks the Sharks is there any possibility of working together as a collaboration?

In reply to that, all three Sharks gave him an offer of a total $187,000 investment in 30% return, where all three will invest 1/3th of total investment with getting 10% return for each.

Three Shark Tank Investors 

So, SWISS Sales Coaching gets back three Sharks on board namely Andrew Banks, Steve Baxter, and Dr. Glen Richards.

All three Sharks invested an equal amount of money in return of 10% for each.

What happened to SWISH Sales Coaching after the shark tank 

Currently, SWISS Sales Coaching is doing very well and they have grown their business in other countries too including New Zealand as the latest one to join their list.

Their sales are going high year after year. The initial three years investment from the Sharks has now been modified to 10 years investment as the Shark Tank Judges are very happy with the direction and they continue investing in Jack and Ryan company.

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