“Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory” Net worth Update (Before & After Shark Tank)

“Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory” got featured on Shark Tank America in August 2009. It was founded by Tod Wilson.

Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory Networth in 2022

Here is an update on Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory net worth so far.

Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory’s Current Net worth 202210 Million USD
Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory’s Net worth (before appearing on Shark Tank$920,000 USD
Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory’s Net worth [year between appearing and now]5 Million USD

 Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory’s founder Tod Wilson has a net worth of 5 million USD as of 2022. 

Updated : 

Who doesn’t like to taste a warm tasty sweet potato pie? Those always put into the category of comforting foods bring people together. So Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory is the best place for everyone searching for any kind of this comforting food.

What is Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory?

Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory produced several kinds of comforting foods like muffins cheesecakes and fruit cobblers. The specialty is its homemade taste. He’s running his online stores successfully supplying around the USA.

Who is the owner of  Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory?

Tod Wilson is the owner of Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory now. He found his desire for baking and being an entrepreneur while working as a part-time worker. So he decided to start his business in 2002.

What happened at the Shark Tank?

Tod Wilson appeared on Shark Tank Season 1 Episode 1 hoping for $460,000 for 10% of his sweet potato pie business. He accompanied his mascot, Mr. Pieman. Robert HerjavecKevin O’Leary, Kevin Harrington, Barbara Corcoran, and Daymond were the sharks on the show. First of all, he offers some of his pie for sharks to taste.

Then he gave a brief explanation about his company’s history to the sharks. Not only that he impressed sharks showing 20% of the full profit of $850,000.But Kevin O’Leary considers him to be emotional and form a street team. But Herjavec said Wilson’s emotions show his passion for business.

However, Herjavec thinks Tod is trying to cut corners and expand too quickly. So he decided not to invest in the business. Kevin O’Leary on the other hand requested about 51% of the business. Not only that he requested to stop the mascot and only sell sweet potato pies. Kevin Harrington is decided to stay out of the deal. According to him, a $4.6 million valuation is too high for the business.

Barbara Corcoran requested a 20% commission for $ 230000 but Daymond asked for 50% of the stake. Finally, Daymond agreed to 50% with Barbara with the condition company has actual sales.

Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory SHARK TANK UPDATE

Even the Wilson agreed to the deal on the show he finally decided not to give in. But his sales tripled after the show officially aired. Also, he told that that the Sharks helped him get into QVC with the Shark Tank effect.

Accordingly Jet magazine featured his pies in the gift guide in 2009. Not only that he also appeared on Rachel Ray and Oprah Winfrey. It gave the business a massive nationwide marketing experience. Also, Country Living magazine featured his pies at the time. He is also a contestant on Food Network’s Sweet Genius.

Even though in 2017 Willson was falsely accused of witness tampering he managed to continue his online business with the publicity he got after the show. According to their official site company is still in the business.

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What happened to Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory after the SHARK TANK?

With the new popularity, he gained after Shark Tank the business skyrocketed. The business won Success Award from the Small Business Development Center for 2009 at Raritan Valley Community College. whybake.com also published his name among their lists. These happened except for the massive media attraction he gained from several national media outlets.

He also mentioned in 2014 that in asking me Reddit session he still keeps in touch with Barbara Corcoran and Daymond Jhon. He said he’s still getting business advice from them. Not only that he revealed he planned to open sops in New York City. His planned locations were Harlem and SoHo. Accordingly, he started a shop in SoHo larger than his first store.

Not only that he became an inspirational speaker for new entrepreneurs and school students around New Jersey. However, it took a bad turn after Wilson was accused of witness tampering in December 2017. But the charges were later dismissed. 

But he sued the Englewood, New Jersey police department for falsely accusing him. it’s for falsely imprisoning and maliciously prosecuting.

The lawsuit is still pending. Even though he closed his shop in New Jersey in 2019 his sales on the website continue still in 2022.

Competitors of Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory?

There are no potential competitors emerged for Mr. Tod’s Pie Factory yet.


Is Tod’s pies still in business?

According to Mr tod’s Pies website company is still in the business.

Where is Todd’s pies now?

With the new popularity, he gained after Shark Tank the business skyrocketed. he started a shop in SoHo larger than his first store. his sales on the website continue still in 2022.

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