“Ava The Elephant” Net worth Update Before & After Shark Tank

“Ava The Elephant” Net worth Update Before & After Shark Tank

“Ava The Elephant” got featured on Shark Tank USA in 2009 August. It was founded by Tiffany Krumins.

Ava The Elephant’s net worth in 2022

Here is an update on  Ava The Elephant’s net worth so far.

Ava The Elephant’s Current Net worth(2022)16 Million USD
Ava The Elephant’s Net worth (before appearing on Shark Tank90000 USD
Ava The Elephant’s Net worth [year between appearing and now] 20121 Million USD

 Ava The Elephant’s founder Tiffany Krumins has a net worth of 1 Million USD as of 2022. 

Updated : 

Emma the Elephant was not a memorable brand before the owner, Tiffany, took part in Shark Tank. Even if you did, you might not hear it as the owner had to change it after the Shark tank  Episode. 

Now you know how Emma the Elephant handed its share already along with the branding. This article will briefly describe AVA the Elephant?, its owner, and the Shark Tank update after the particular episode.

What is AVA the Elephant?

Ava the Elephant is an innovative medicine dispensing product that has been introduced for children. It is the only animated and talking medicine dispenser that allows mothers to give medicine impressively. Among thousands of products, it gained fame due to its impressive shape and talking ability. The product has been designed as an elephant.

The fear and the anxiety are w of the significant problems a mother has to face when referring to the medicine time of the day for their children. The singing elephant can overcome those problems along with its tuned and stylish elephant companion. First, it was Emma the Elephant, and then it became AVA the Elephant after the Shark tank episode.

The manufacturer has done a creative job when storing the medicine as well. The Elephant can dispense medication in a droplet, stored in the Elephant’s trunk. The product says that

“Ava makes taking medicine easy,” and the job is as easy as 1,2,3, and wide and open!

Who owns Ava the Elephant??

Tiffany Krumins is the founder of AVA the Elephant. She has been the sole entrepreneur who contributed to her project throughout the whole time. She had got the idea of AVA the Elephant while she was caring for a child. 

Tiffany had experienced the difficulties a woman has to face when giving medicine to children, as most of them are bitter and unpleasant. When it comes to boys, Tiffany had felt that the experience would be more unpleasant as well. 

The diversion of the attention was the intention she had when she introduced AVA the Elephant.

The owner could turn the attention of kids easily as the Elephant consisted of music as well as an impressive look that could change the attention of children. It was Emma the Elephant, which she had to change after the Shark Tank episode. Not only the name but there were several more things that the Sharks wanted to change.

What happened at the Shark Tank

Krumins was not having any trouble with her product as she was already growing her unique business. 

But, the growth was not enough as she could feel. What Tiffany needed was a quicker solution. That is why she had to take part in Shark Tank. 

She had granted 15% of her Emma the Elephant business for just a $50,000 investment. When it comes to the actual value, it was just $333,333.

After the owner distributed the prototypes among the Sharks, Kevin wanted to state his idea. He stated that it was not a good decision to target children who hate bad-tasting medicine.

When coming to Daymond’s needs, he wanted to know why she suddenly needed a quick growth in fiancé. Krumins stated that she wants to have a patent and expand it for a bigger audience.

Robert and O’Leary were uninterested and left making a deal with Krumins. It was Barbara who accepted the deal. Barbara loved joining the business and stated that a few more changes would be made.


It has passed almost a year since the Shark Tank episode. Along with the deal made by Tiffany with Barbara, they look to have gone a long way. As Tuff wanted, has she got her patent? Has she expanded her business? And what made her change their name?

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What happened to AVA the Elephant After the Shark Tank

The deal was made in 2012. Since then, lots of changes have helped with the AVA elephant business. Barbara had hinted that AVA looked like a neutral name and Emma looked like feline branding.

That is why they had changed the name. Along with that initial step, they started a product line. Barbara and Tiffany were doing great with the business as they were selling their product in more than 10,000 sales outlets already.

Tiffany appeared on an update where she revealed the thermometer sticker she intends to see on her latest product. When it comes to the present-day update, Tiffany had stopped to work on AVA the Elephant with Barbara. 

She had stopped the business due to conflicts. She got three children and had to fight against cancer in 2018. Tiff had joined Baby Delight, and she produced a commercial for her Singing Elephant Product.

Competitors off AVA the Elephant

The AVA Elephant medicine dispenser has happened to face several brands at present. The Safety 1st Pacifier Medicine Dispenser, Dr. Brown’s™ Pacidose™ Liquid Medicine Dispenser, Medi Frida the Accu-Dose Pacifier Baby Medicine Dispenser by FridaBaby, Nuby Medi-Nurser Medicine Bottle, Ezy Dose Kids Oral Liquid Medicine Dropper, and Spoon Kit, and Munchkin Inc products are few of the Competitors off AVA the Elephant.