Throat Scope Net Worth 2024 Shark Tank Update 

Throat Scope Net Worth 2024 Shark Tank Update 

Throat Scope’s net worth is not available as of February 2024. The company’s net worth was $253,000 at the time of their pitch in 2015, based on the Shark Tank deal. The company generates $5.2 million in annual sales as of 2023. In February 2015, they appeared on Season 01 of Shark Tank Australia and made a deal with Steve Baxter for $76,000 for a 30% Stake + 5% Royalty on Sales up to $76,000. The final valuation was $253,000, down from the founder’s initial estimate of $760,000.

According to data available on Holland Healthcare Inc. website, from the $76,000 investment Steve made, the team has raised $360,000 on a pre-sale valuation of $2 million. Currently, the product is manufactured and distributed by Holland Healthcare. The product is also available on company website and pharmacies across Australia. Moreover, the product is available in over 140 countries.

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Throat Scope Net Worth 

Net worth$253,000 (2015)
Annual Sales Revenue$5.2 million (2023)
ProfitsNot disclosed 
Lifetime salesNot disclosed 
InvestorsSteve Baxter 
FounderJennifer Holland

Throat Scope sales and revenue 

According to the latest information available, the annual revenue of the company is $5.2 million. Although there is limited information regarding sales figures, it is evident that Thraot Scope had growth in business following their pitch. The company has built both national and international level partnerships with reputed distributors; thus, it has become a globally recognized product.

Net worth timeline

Net Worth 2024Not disclosed 
Net worth valuation in 2015 after appearing on Shark Tank$253,000
Net worth valuation in 2015 before appearing on Shark Tank$760,000

How much did Steve Baxter make from Throat Scope?

Steve Baxter made a $76,000 investment for a 30% Stake in the company and a 5% Royalty till the money is paid back. During an interview in 2016, Holland said getting Baxter onboard has been truly valuable for the development of Throat Scope. Together, the team has made $360,000 on a pre-sale valuation of $2 million.

Competitors of the Throat Scope

The company has several competitors in the pharmaceutical industry. Some of them include Neocis, Onpaharma, SensableDental, Guided Surgery Solutions and DryShield. Based on recent rankings, Throat Scope managed to secure the 6th position among its top 50 competitors. 

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Throat Scope Shark Tank Update 

Company nameThroat Scope
ProductAn illuminated tongue depressant device
EpisodeSeason 01 Episode 02
Founder Jennifer Holland
Asked for$76,000 for 10% equity
Final deal$76,000 for a 30% Stake + 5% Royalty on Sales up to $76,000
SharkSteve Baxter
LocationBrisbane, Queensland

After a successful pitch and securing a deal with Steve Baxter, the company had notable growth. Following the pitch, they worked on expanding the market, and now the product is available in the US, Japan, and Europe, togeather over 140 countries. 

About Throat Scope

Throat Scope is an illuminated tongue depressant device. It is an effective oral care solution that combines an all-in-one light and tongue depressor. This product is a sophisticated alternative to wooden tongue compressors. It makes it easier for dentists to perform oral examinations and identify abnormalities. This product comes with two disposable blades and a battery included. Extra disposable blades can be purchased separately or as a combo with Throat Scope.

Throat Scope Founder 

Jennifer Holland founded Throat Scope in 2011. Jeniffer is a graduate of Charles Sturt University. Jeniffer is a passionate entrepreneur with years of experience in the business and pharmaceuticals field. Prior to starting her own business, Jeniffer worked as a financial and asset accountant. She is also now working as the Lead Global Product Manager at ResMed Australia. Jeniffer’s net worth is estimated to be around $15 million as of 2024.


What is the annual revenue of the company? 

As of 2023, the company generated $5.2 million in annual revenue. 

What is the net worth of the company?

As of 2024, the company’s net worth is not disclosed.

Did the company win a deal from Shark Tank?

Yes, the company secured a deal with Steve Baxter.

How much did the investor make from Throat Scope?

From the $76,000 investment made, the team has raised $360,000 on a pre-sale valuation of $2 million.

Is Throat Scope still in business?

Yes, it is actively running the business. 

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