Throat Scope, what happened to Throat Scope after the Shark tank

Throat Scope, what happened to Throat Scope  after the Shark tank

Did you ever feel a little frightened before going for Oral Healthcare Checkup? Or maybe your kid is suffering from a sore throat or a new tooth, but your kid is also having an unpleasant experience he/she gets with Oral Checkup?

Why so?

Maybe because of the wooden depressor or the way doctors have to manage light and depressor simoustanly, giving a not so pleasant experience to the patient.


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What is Throat Scope? 

Throat Scope is a complete oral care solution, combining an all-in-one light and tongue depressor to make it easier for dentists to look inside the mouth. It is a device that combines a disposable blade and a torch and can be used to examine the throat and mouth for any abnormalities.

It’s an easy alternative to the traditional wooden tongue compressor & torch and only requires one hand to do the checkup.

Throat Scope tongue depressor lights up a wide area of the mouth and throat, allowing for a clear view of the mouth and ease in examining the oral health. It can be used in both home & professional healthcare.

This digital tongue product can help diagnose a sore throat, new tooth, mouth sores, and oral cancer screening for a healthier jaw.

Throat Scope is a complete oral care solution

Jennifer Holland – Founder of Throat Scope

Despite not having a medical background, Mrs. Jennifer Holland – mother of four children now – looked for a solution that resembled the traditional wooden depressor and torch.

Holland lives in Newcastle, Australia, and is previously a financial accountant, and currently the founder and CEO of Throat Scope.

Setting out in 2009, she learned that there are no existing alternatives in the market for wooden depressors and torches. Later, she started researching online and eventually created the prototype of what would later become the Throat Scope.

What happened at the Shark Tank 

At Shark Tank, Jennifer Holland requested $76,000 from the Sharks as a trade-off for a 10 % return.

Later, Holland mentioned the unpleasant experience she and her kid felt at the Clinic. This made her create an alternative to solve this problem and thus invented the Throat Scope.

Judges/Sharks were quite impressed with Jennifer’s invention and her journey till now.

But, Sharks want to know why she wants $76,000 for that product? What does she want to do with that much money?

In reply to that, Jennifer Holland said that she needs money to increase her production in mass which directly reduces the overall cost of the product and then it will be the same price as the current wooden depressor. Also, Jennifer mentioned that currently it’s a prototype and with packaging and related things, it will be ready as a commercial product.

Not many Sharks were able to get an idea of how Jennifer Holland – Throat Scope would do good in the market. Except for Steve Baxter, none of the sharks showed interest to invest in Jennifer’s business.

After that, Steve Baxter gave an offer to Jennifer that he will invest $76,000 in return of 30% return with 5% royalty on sales.

Later, for a moment Jennifer Holland was hesitant to accept that offer but soon she made up her mind and accepted Steve’s offer.

What happened After the Shark Tank 

After Shark Tank, Jennifer Holland and her team launched their product in 2015 which became very successful in no time. Under Jennifer’s leadership, the team has expanded across the US, Japan, and Europe.

Their product did very well and they did receive global recognition, hold patents, and also distributed many million products across 140 countries to 100+ medical distribution partners.

In 2019 Jennifer Holland met with Steve Forbes and visited the New Jersey HQ of Forbes.

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Current net worth of Throat Scope

We don’t know the exact current net worth of Throat Scope. But, we do know that now Jennifer Holland runs her empire by “Holland Healthcare” name. 

Currently, she is looking to expand her healthcare business empire. She recently added new products which are “game-changers” and worth billions of dollars – the Wound Scope, TelScope, and Pap Scope.

update [2022]: Throat Scope’s net worth so far.