Is First Defense Nasal Screens, which turned down a $4 million offer on Shark Tank, still in business?

Is First Defense Nasal Screens still in business

Ever wondered what happened to First Defense Nasal Screens, one of the most unforgettable pitches from the Shark Tank show? In season 2 of Shark Tank USA, founder Joe Moore turned down a massive $4 million offer. Despite this decision, his business, First Defense Nasal Screens, found success following the show.

However, some of the latest information questions the company’s ongoing status. If you’ve been searching for their website, you may have come across a surprise. There is no website named First Defense Nasal Screens on Google. Additionally, the company’s social media presence is low, and its product is not available on Amazon

So, recent information suggests that First Defense Nasal Screens is likely going out of business. Let’s find out if First Defense Nasal Screens is actually out of business or in business.

What happened to First Defense Nasal Screens after Shark Tank?

Well, let’s go back to that intense moment on Shark Tank.

Joe Moore pitched his nasal filter product, valuing the company at $5 million. Joe did not accept Robert Herjavec’s $4 million offer. After rounds of discussion, he finally agreed to take the joint deal offered by Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, and Mark Cuban. 

Overall, the company had a positive Post Shark Tank experience. First Defense Nasal Screens had high sales figures after its appearance on the show. However, now it is problematic whether the company continues its momentum.

First Defense Nasal Screens could expand its markets thanks to the show. The company had a strong online presence. Still, it has remained the same since 2019. There has been a pause in Facebook marketing for nearly three years. Some information also shows that the company faced troubles during the pandemic. First Defense Nasal Screens restarted its social media marketing in 2022 but remains inconsistent. The company shared its last post on its Facebook page in May 2022.

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Curious to know more about what’s been happening with First Defense Nasal Screens? While it may seem like the company is out of business, the reality is quite different.

Clearing Up a Misunderstanding

While it’s true that First Defense Nasal Screens does have a website, there has been a change in its name and branding. It’s not under the name ‘First Defense Nasal Screens.’ Instead, it operates under a different name, ‘Filter Your Life.’ This change might have led to confusion for some people looking for the company’s official website. 

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However, it’s important to know that the company still maintains an online presence through its new website. This adjustment in branding could be a strategic move by the company to better align with its products or target audience, but you need to understand that the company hasn’t disappeared from the internet entirely. They’re still active, just under a different name.

First Defense Nasal Screens: Availability at Walmart

After making its debut on Shark Tank, First Defense Nasal Screens expanded its reach by selling its products through major retailers like Amazon and Walmart. This move made purchasing their nasal filters convenient for customers nationwide. However, there’s been a recent change in their availability.

When people search for a product on Google today, they often land on Amazon’s website as one of the top search results. 

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Unfortunately, they discover that the product is unavailable there, confusing the company’s current status. It’s crucial to clarify that while the product may not be found on Amazon, it remains active and accessible for purchase at Walmart.

You can’t find their products in as many stores as before, and they’re not shipping to as many places. Right now, they’re only delivering within the United States.

The reason for the product’s unavailability on Amazon could be due to various factors. One possible reason is inventory issues, where First Defense Nasal Screens may be experiencing stock shortages or supply chain disruptions, leading to the product being temporarily out of stock on Amazon. 

Additionally, the company may have exclusive distribution agreements with Walmart or other retailers, limiting their ability to sell on Amazon.

It’s also possible that First Defense Nasal Screens made a strategic decision to focus its sales efforts on specific retailers, such as Walmart, to streamline operations and enhance brand visibility. Without specific information from the company, it’s challenging to determine the exact cause of the product’s unavailability on Amazon.

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Despite the changes in branding and availability, First Defense Nasal Screens is still actively operating under the name ‘Filter Your Life’ and continues to offer its products for sale, particularly through Walmart. The company is still in business and serving its customers, although it might not be as visible on some online platforms as it used to be.

Some people might think that First Defense Nasal Screens is no longer in business because they can’t find its products easily online. However, that’s not true. The company just changed its name to ‘Filter Your Life’ and still sells its products, mainly through Walmart. The products might not be available on Amazon right now due to various reasons, but it doesn’t mean the company is closed. They’re still actively serving their customers and operating their business.

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Written by MSM Riham

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