Ice Shaker Now an Officially Licensed Retailer of NFL Products!

Imagine if one of your classmates from middle school grew up to become a famous football player. Well, that’s kinda what happened with Chris Gronkowski! He used to play in the NFL, and he’s started a company called Ice Shaker with his brothers. 

Over time, Ice Shaker bottles became super famous, especially among fans of the NFL. But now, they’re not just about bottles; they’re now selling official NFL gear! This means you can show off your love for your favorite football team with awesome jerseys, hats, and more. Whether you’re working out at the gym or getting ready for the big game, you can look super stylish and support your team at the same time!

How did Ice Shaker Become an Official Retailer of NFL Products?

But how did Ice Shaker get this partnership with the NFL? It’s all thanks to Chris and his brothers‘ love for football. They even appeared on a “Shark Tank,” where they impressed some big investors and secured a deal that changed everything. Their appearance on the show garnered the attention of investors, leading to a game-changing partnership encompassing the NFL, MLB, and NBA.

Officially Licensed NFL Products
Officially Licensed NFL Products

Getting permission from the NFL to sell their stuff is a big deal. They worked hard to earn the trust of the NFL, and now fans everywhere trust Ice Shaker to give them the real deal.

Ice Shaker becoming an official NFL seller shows just how much the Gronkowski brothers love football. You might know Rob Gronkowski from his amazing career in the NFL. Their passion for football is what drives Ice Shaker to be a part of the NFL world now. It’s like a big thumbs-up to their love for the game!

How did the Ice Shaker become famous?

In 2017, Chris applied to be on Shark Tank. Chris wanted to get more exposure for his product, and also find a partner who could help him grow his brand. He was selected to be on the show and prepared his pitch with his brothers. 

ice shaker shark tank pitch

Chris told the investors about himself and Ice Shaker. He asked for $100,000 in exchange for 10% of his company. Chris explained how Ice Shaker works and why it’s great. After talking it over, Gronkowski accepted an offer from Mark Cuban and Rodriguez. They agreed to invest $150,000 for a 15% share, according to Ice Shaker’s website.

Appearing on “Shark Tank” made Ice Shakers even more famous and proved that their stuff is really good. The show let people see how cool and creative Ice Shaker’s products are, which made investors and fans trust them even more.

Now, with the NFL saying their gear is great, it shows that Ice Shaker makes top-quality stuff. This partnership with the NFL shows that Ice Shaker is a really reliable brand for sports gear, loved by fans and supported by the pros.

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In the end, Ice Shaker becoming an official seller of NFL stuff is all thanks to the hard work and love from Chris Gronkowski and his brothers. What started as a cool idea to make awesome sports gear turned into a big success loved by NFL fans everywhere. And guess what? They’re not stopping there! Ice Shaker is still growing and making even more stuff for fans like you. So, what do you think of Ice Shaker’s NFL gear? Got any ideas for what they should do next? Share your thoughts!


Do they offer merchandise for all NFL teams?

Yes, Ice Shaker is an officially licensed retailer of NFL products, offering a wide range of merchandise for all teams.

Can I find accessories other than bottles?

Absolutely! Ice Shaker provides a variety of NFL-themed accessories, including clothing and home décor items.

What is the Net worth of Ice Shaker now?

It is worth around 2.5 million USD.

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