Ice Shaker is changing the protein shake game by upgrading your traditional plastic shaker bottle. “Ice Shaker” got featured on Shark Tank USA in October 2017. It was founded by Chris Gronkowski. Ice Shaker’s founder Chris Gronkowski has a net worth of 2.5 Million USD as of 2024. 

Here is a quick recap about Ice Shaker after the shark tank

Ice Shaker Net Worth in 2024

In 2021, they revealed the product earned $3 million in sales a year after the first airing. They even set up an Amazon Store. Rob bought A-Rod’s shares in the company after the update. By June 2021, the company had a solid annual revenue of $1 million. Unfortunately, we do not have any details about the company’s net worth in 2023.

EpisodeSeason 06 Episode 13
Company nameIce Shaker
ProductInsulated stainless steel shaker bottle for protein shakes
FounderChris Gronkowski
Asked for$100,000 for 10% equity
Final deal$125,000 for 15% equity
SharkMark Cuban and Alex Rodriguez
Business statusIn Business
Location6100 Colleyville Blvd, Colleyville.
Social mediaFacebook
“Ice Shaker” Net worth Update (Before & After Shark Tank)

What is Ice Shaker?

Is there a way to keep a drink cool/ hot and fresh for hours without additional effort? Well, with Ice Shaker, the answer is Yes.

Ice Shaker is a double-layered vacuum-insulated shaker bottle. It has tight insulation to prevent spill-up under vigorous shakes.

According to product official website, the company’s shakers are suitable for a variety of locations and activities, including offices, travel, outdoor activities such as pool and beach trips, sporting events, yoga, parties, and more.

Ice Shaker’s bottle is ideal for not only protein powder shakes but also other beverages such as water, milk, beer, cocktails, and more.

How does the ice shaker works?

credits: official website

Who invented Ice Shaker?

Four brothers Rob, Dann, Glenn, and Gordie round up with Chris Gronkowski’s idea on the fully sealed double-layered shaker bottle.

Gronkowski had the initial idea for his business when he realized the issues with the plastic shaker bottles in his cabinet: they leaked, lacked insulation, and produced unpleasant odors.

Gronkowski, who traded his football jersey for entrepreneurship, founded Ice Shaker, a company specializing in stainless steel shakers for protein drinks that can retain coldness for more than 30 hours.

Gronkowski emphasized that entrepreneurship is not an easy path and is not suitable for everyone. 

“It requires long hours for little pay, but if you have the passion and drive, [then] you will be successful.”

Chris has visited the shark tank with a vision to expand his business out of the online platform.

What happened at the Shark Tank?

Chris has offered 10% equity of his business for a $100,000 investment from a shark.

He likes working out on his muscles and the shaker bottle already on the market doesn’t work for him. Hence he invented the Ice Shaker. Ice Shaker is a non-sweating stainless steel shaker bottle.

The professional attitudes of the four Gronkowskies have inspired the sharks.

Kevin asked for the business valuation. According to Chris, the bottle has a $20 margin per sale. The all-time revenue of Ice Shaker is $115,000.

All sharks were willing to do business with Chris.

Chris Gronkowski said,

“I don’t exactly need the money, if I needed just $100,000 I could probably call someone I know, and he would probably give it to me,” Gronkowski says, shooting a glance at his famous brother Rob. “But I need the expertise.”

After hearing the stats, Kevin has offered $100,000 for 20% equity.

Alex Rodriguez and Mark have made their offer: $150,000 investment for 20%, followed by Barbara’s $100,000 for 10% and Lori’s $100,000 for 15% equity of the business.

Chirs was interested in Alex Rodriguez’s and Mark’s offers and has checked the possibility of linking Lori to them. Mark refuses it. 15% equity for a $150,000 investment, Chris’s counter offer. Mark and Alex Rodriguez say Yes.


Chris and his four brothers have offered 10% equity in their business Ice Shaker, for a $100,000 investment and they have won two sharks with a $150,000 investment for 15% equity in their company.

Rodriguez stated that the partnership with Gronkowski has made him and Cuban feel like they are part of the Gronkowski family.

“They have five brothers, [Cuban and I] think now we’re like seven brothers having this great company, and we’re having a great time,” Rodriguez. “Hopefully, sometime in the next few years, we have a nice exit.”

Investor Alex Rodriguez stated in a February CNBC Make It interview that investing in Chris Gronkowski was a wise choice.

“He’s been terrific,” Rodriguez says. “He’s under promised and he’s over-delivered. Our sales have done incredibly well.”

What happened to Ice Shaker After the Shark Tank?

As per the stats, after the air date of the shark tank episode, Ice Shaker has increased its sales by 500%. The cost of sales of the product is limited to $5 and they sell for $20.

According to CNBC, after Gronkowski’s appearance on “Shark Tank” in 2017, Ice Shaker experienced a significant increase in sales, going from $80,000 in its first six months to $3 million in less than a year.

Ice Shaker claims on its website to have sold merchandise worth millions of dollars.

The business has expanded its product range, and now they offer over 140 varieties of shaker bottles in different colors. The products are available in all The Vitamin Shoppe store locations, Lifetime Fitness shops, and over 3500 GNS stores in America. The Gronkowskies have tightened up their online presence as well.

Due to this great success of the business, Rob Gronkowski has bought the equity of A-Rod and has started his line of shaker bottles, ‘The Gronk’.

The official Instagram page, has reached over 82,000 followers and the business recognition on Facebook and other social media platforms has been boosted organically.

Ice Shaker continues to operate and has expanded their product line to include multiple sizes and various bottle types including jugs, tumblers, and flex bottles, in addition to their original shaker.

Also, Ice Shaker has donated thousands of bottles to the active military and the product is listed on mark cuban company’s official website.

Good Morning America’s Green Box hailed Ice Shaker as one of the top eco-friendly products.

As per the news, Ice Shakers have reached over $1 million in annual revenue, and are still in operation.

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Competitors of the company

The main competitors of Ice Shaker include Iceberg Insulated Flasks, Elemental Bottles, ProteinWise, and Smartbody Nutrition Inc.

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