The Impact of 5G Technology on Multiplayer Online Games

5G has had its share of rumors. Most people were excited upon its announcement. Now that it is available, what impact did it have in multiplayer online games and casinos like Verde Casino? 5G is fast, but let us take a look at its other impact on the gaming industry.

What Is 5G? 

It is the fifth generation of internet connectivity or mobile networking. In a nutshell, it makes mobile devices faster than existing wireless environments. Old phones used 1G, and these phones were slow. With 5G, it is now possible to connect many programs to a single device, including machines. 

The technology also comes with an air interface. With it, you can easily control appliances and even cars. Appliances and mobile devices can talk to each other, all because the internet speeds are faster.

The Impact of 5G to Multiplayer Games

Multiplayer gaming has now become the default standard of games. Many gamers find single-player gaming boring. Although multi-player titles already existed in the past, 5G made multiplayer gaming faster and, therefore, more interesting. With it, gamers can now participate in massive global battles with hundreds of thousands of players in real time.

No More Lags

The most important impact of 5G on gaming, especially multi-player games, is that the lags are now a thing of the past. For a long time, it is these simple delays that make gamers frustrated — they have the skills, but the internet is not fast enough to execute their actions.

The cause of lag is oftentimes the internet connection, not the player’s skills or hardware. Expert professional players can detect small changes in the speed of their connectivity — these are called ping spikes that happen either up or down.

With 5G, multiplayer games are faster, and gamers can enjoy the gaming experience better. Players can now participate in tournaments with confidence, knowing that their skills will make them win, considering that the networks are faster.

Because of this technology, companies can also serve more players, even outside tournaments. If data can travel faster, then there is no clogging of the lines. More and more players can enjoy the games, and it means more revenue for the game operators.

Possibly Uncapped Data

User data is a thing of value. Speed and time are of the essence, and it is why networks or telcos charge more money. It is also the reason data has a cap — people can only use so much information for what they pay.

With 5G, data can become uncapped. Why? Telco companies no longer have a reason to put a user cap. Why else would they do this if data can travel so fast and there is no need to control data transfer anymore?

Right now, not a lot of telco providers offer unlimited data. However, the industry is positive that this will happen eventually. 5G is relatively new, and telco companies are likely still in the experimental stage — they are studying the feasibility of giving unlimited data to their customers.  

In addition to these, gamers can finally stream games live with no need to download huge files. If they need to download files, all these downloads will happen so fast, and there is no need to wait. 

Better Gaming Devices

5G makes it possible for companies to develop new gaming products on new devices, and the most anticipated is the development of VR and AR games. These machines require fast internet speeds to be able to deliver high-end gaming experiences.

With this technology, game developers can now create multiplayer games without worrying about the speed of the internet. They can now build titles that can cater to thousands of players at any given time without compromising game quality.    

Haptic Feedback

Haptic feedback refers to what devices can do based on what is happening in a game. This feedback comes from the servers of multiplayer games, and it is an important component for successful gaming. The problem with the internet being slow is that the haptic feedback is delayed. 

With 5G, the servers can transmit the data for haptic feedback so fast, and the players will feel this feedback on their devices. If they do, then they can immediately act or react to it, thereby giving them a better experience. It is not only the experience, but the haptic feedback can also help them make better decisions that will allow them to win.

5G is finally here, and it has a massive impact on gamers. Eventually, we are expecting game developers to create more games that will take advantage of the capabilities of this technology. In the future, we can expect faster and better haptic feedback. Multiplayer games will also have faster gaming reactions and more realistic worlds that the 5G speed can deliver.

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