Ultimate Guide to Ruby Life Pools Mythic+ Dungeon — World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Season 4

Ultimate Guide to Ruby Life Pools Mythic Dungeon World of Warcraft Dragonflight Season 4

Ruby Life Pools is a fire and frost fight to save the dragons. The plot of the dungeon centers on foiling an evil plan to seize the precious eggs and use their power for some serious ambition. You will have to fight monsters and mini-bosses while protecting the eggs of young dragons from being stolen. 

And if you’re not tough enough to handle the mythic difficulty, you can get the coveted loot from the Ruby Pools of Life by ordering the Mythic+ boost help from professional gamers. But you can also accept this challenge if you want to test your skills. In any case, whether you want to use the boost service or try to solo Ruby Life Pools, we recommend reading this guide. You will find a lot of interesting information here.

How to Get into Ruby Life Pools Dungeon?

Hidden away in Waking Shores, Ruby Life Pools may be found at coordinates /way 60.00 75.77. If you’re a Horde player, proceed northeast from Dragonbane. Continue on your flight path across the Waking Shores, cross the rocky Drakewatch Ingress area, and look for the indications pointing straight to the dungeon entrance — frost-etched stones and flaming ruins. Heavy elemental resistance and some inevitable AoE damage from the surroundings can be expected.

If you are an Alliance player, begin at the Valdrakken Accord flying point and go across the Charred Ramparts to the southeast. Avoid elemental disruptions as you cross the Shattered Span. Situated immediately beyond a sequence of freezing cliffs and scorching ground, the dungeon entryway serves as a metaphor for the ferocious and frigid difficulties that lie beyond.

Ruby Life Pools Mythic+ Boss Guide

Before diving into Ruby Life Pools depths, players should brace for encounters packed with unavoidable AoE damage, icy traps, and fiery onslaughts from both bosses like Kyrakka and Erkhart Stormvein and formidable trash mobs. Strategy and preparation are key in managing the elemental chaos within. Below you will find more detailed info about the bosses of this M+ dungeon and strategies on how to defeat them.

Melidrussa Chillworn

The first boss in Ruby Life Pools is not an average boss. Her name is Melidrussa Chillworn. With chilling effects and spawns that can overwhelm those who aren’t ready, this icy enemy will test how well your team works together. Keeping your party alive and winning depends on how well you use her powers, like Chillstorm and Frost Overload, and how you deal with Infused Whelps during important stages.

  • Tank: Monitor your stacks of Primal Chill, especially when the Whelps are active, as they accumulate quickly. Use cooldowns and abilities like Anti-Magic Shell during this time. Every minute, gather five Infused Whelps from one side of the room and prepare your burst AoE.
  • Healer: Proactively manage your group’s Primal Chill stacks. Dispel during cooldown periods, prioritizing those with high stacks, especially the tank just before Whelps spawn or players about to be frozen.

Meeting Melidrussa is all about keeping the chaos under control. To avoid her icy attack and keep your team from freezing to death, you need to handle your cooldowns well, dispel spells quickly, and move around smartly. Keep the heat on, and this boss will lose his cold heart!

Kokia Blazehoof

The fight against Kokia Blazehoof in Ruby Life Pools is very intense and requires everyone in the raid to be careful and on the lookout. Kokia Blazehoof is known for her damaging and explosive attacks. So you need to be able to move quickly and respond quickly to her deadly molten attacks to get through this fight. To beat Kokia, you need to learn the dance of fire and make sure your team can handle the heat without getting too tired.

  • DPS: Prioritize DPS on Blazebound Firestorms and interrupt Roaring Blaze. They emit Inferno, causing massive squad-wide damage.
  • Healer: Prepare cooldowns for Rituals of Blazebinding, dealing significant party-wide damage. Inferno inflicts considerable damage while active, and missed Roaring Blaze interrupts worsen the situation. They spawn approximately every 30 seconds. Avoid proximity to dying Blazebound Firestorms, as they explode.
  • Tank: Strategically position yourself, the boss, and minions to direct Molten Boulder-spawned boulders outward toward the ring’s walls. Rotate cooldowns for Searing Blows and assist DPS with Firestorms.

Time and placement are very important in this boss fight. Avoid the Molten Boulders, keep up with Kokia’s speed, and keep the fire chaos she starts under control. With quick reactions and good strategy on your side, you’ll put out her fire and get the loot you deserve from the Ruby Life Pools.

Kyrakka/Erkhart Stormvein

The two-phase fight between Kyrakka and Erkhart Stormvein in Ruby Life Pools is exciting and hard. It requires both quick reactions and smart play. This pair can use deadly fire and storm techniques, and you should know how they work to avoid getting wiped. To beat this tough pair, you need to coordinate interrupts, handle debuffs, and keep an eye on the placement.

  • Tank: Position Eckhart in Phase 1 to shield DPS from Roaring Firebreath and avoid being pushed off by Winds of Change. Beware of Stormslam, a devastating blow inflicting physical damage and doubling nature damage taken for 30 seconds, with a stacking effect. Utilize your advantageous position to monitor Flaming Embers and ensure a clear escape route for your team.
  • Healer: This battle escalates as your group’s ability to mitigate damage and avoid Flaming Embers diminishes. Remain vigilant of your surroundings. Infernocore stacks are painful but predictable, particularly those from Flamespit. However, unnecessary DPS damage increases Infernocore stacks, compounding the challenge.

The fight between Kyrakka and Erkhart is all about being skilled with fire and storm. Move faster, be smart about when you use your healing cooldowns, and focus on staying alive as they attack. If you can control the raw frost energy and liquid boulders and keep your friends safe, this boss fight will go from being a stormy ordeal to a victory with lots of loot!


Equipped with these detailed boss tactics and role-specific tips, you are now well-prepared to face the dungeon’s challenges and maximize your chances of success in the game. Take the challenge and see how good you are when running Ruby Life Pools Mythic+ dungeon.

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