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  • Basic characteristics of popular equipment
  • How to get a dedicated server
  • Advantages of cooperation with our company

In today’s world, people are taking full advantage of the Internet. They do it not only for entertainment but also for the successful management of their business projects. Accordingly, the need for additional resources is increasing day by day. Of course, if a person keeps a blog, in most cases it is enough to have basic cloud hosting. However, if we are talking about the website of a large corporation, an online store, or an e-service platform, then it would be useful to think about a reliable dedicated server renting or purchasing.

By renting a dedicated server, all of its computing resources will be available to the user at any time unlike shared hosting, where the capacity of the system may be limited because of users’ number. Therefore, it is reasonable to choose a physical server. It is able to ensure the stable and secure performance of any business project and its data protection.

Basic characteristics of popular equipment

Dedicated servers are very important for the stable and reliable performance of different organizations. One of the main conditions for the uninterrupted operational process is high-quality hosting from a serious provider. Such a solution will guarantee a stable and secure operation workload and backup of significant files. The mentioned service is required if your information system, database, file storage consume a large number of resources.

Do you want to know the answer to the question “how much does a dedicated server cost?” First of all, it is worth saying that compared to buying a new one, leasing a server is much cheaper and it is comfortable enough. You save expenses not only on the purchase of expensive equipment but also on the cost of technical maintenance specialists’ salaries.

This kind of service is rendered to you by our specialists. Moreover, if the current capacity of the rented equipment becomes insufficient due to the expansion of your projects, we can offer you another package of services, more powerful and modern solutions. Also, if you have a desire you may find approximate colocation pricing on the website.

How to get a dedicated server

Purchasing and installing powerful dedicated physical servers in your company or office space will require additional significant investments. Moreover, you should be ready to spend constant additional costs related to the setup and maintenance of the product’s hardware.

Renting a high-power dedicated server for business can be a more affordable way to solve problems associated with the need to use such technology. Generally, thisseriousequipmentisneededfor:

  • large enterprises and corporations for storing large amounts of information,
  • running heavy projects that require a high computing power;
  • huge online stores that have a critical need for the high speed of loading pages;
  • portalswithhightraffic;
  • entertainment’ or news’ resources to solve problems in increasing the speed of downloading web-pages with a huge number of visitors to the site; 
  • companies that provide digital business solutions (website creation and promotion services, etc.).

Advantages of cooperation with our company

HOSTKEY Company is a trustworthy private server hosting provider. We have been working in the market for a long time. That’s why we know exactly what to recommend to each client.


  • powerfuluninterruptiblepowersupplies;
  • multiple redundant fiber optic links;
  • plenty of replacement materials available, and so on.

The server is fully accessible. You may lease equipment with a pre-installed operating system and the necessary software, or you may set the required technical characteristics yourself. The product is also available for upgrading, and the required components could be added on demand.

Also, one of the main advantages of our servers is their resistance to damage intrusions of hackers. That is why the equipment that is located in the Netherlands, allows you to host many kinds of “challenging” content: adult industry, money-making, and gambling.

Contact us for detailed information. During the consultation, our specialists will answer all the questions and help you to choose the product due to the requirements. We also offer a free trial period and have regular pleasant discounts.

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Written by Kesara Bandaragoda

GAG Staff

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