Unscrapable Websites: Peculiarities

Leading an online business requires certain knowledge and skills today. It is not only about posting pictures and descriptions of your goods or services and answering questions of your potential customers. It is crucial to be able to properly extract and analyze data that deals with your business in order to stay afloat.

Web-scraping is a special technology of extracting data from websites. It can be done manually, however such a process takes forever. Thus, this appellation usually deals with automated processes. Web-scraping is a syntax-oriented reorganization of web-pages into forms that are more comfortable to work with.

Unscrapable Websites: Peculiarities

The websites that are hard to scrape have certain peculiarities. If you cannot scrape a website you will receive the next signs of this issue:

  • HTTP 4xx response codes;
  • wrong information;
  • the requested content will be either available in parts or not at all;
  • timed out request.

Besides, there are certain challenges you will meet with. Those are, for example, CAPTCHAs. They were invented to tell real people from bots. They are easily triggered if you send multiple requests from the same IP address.

How to Make Unscrapable Websites More Explorable

To be honest, technically, every website is scrapable, but only if you know how to do it. It is just that some of them take more time and effort to scrape.

The obligatory condition for successful scraping is using proxies. They act like intermediates between you and your destination site. They mask and rotate your real IP address and you cannot be detected.

Tools for Successful Web-scraping

As you can see, you can scrape every website if you know what tools should be used. First of all, you should search for a reputable proxy service for scraping. Mobile proxies are always seen as real people because they are assigned to real devices. Pay your attention at mobile proxies. Buy them only if the provider promises high:

  • anonymity level;
  • speed of scraping;
  • efficiency of scraping;
  • capability of dynamic pages scraping;
  • solutions for CAPTCHA;
  • capability of multiple pages scraping;
  • price policy.

There are multiple web-scraping services out there. Among the most prominent ones there are:

  • Octoparse;
  • Scraper API;
  • Mozenda;
  • Zyte;
  • Luminati;
  • Outwit;
  • Diffbot;
  • OnlineSIM and others.

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