How to Ship a Car Across the Country: A Quick and Handy Guide

If you have a long-distance move coming up, you may be wondering what to do about your car. In most cases, people prefer to rent moving vehicles to transport their materials, but what about your personal vehicle? You should consider hiring Miami car shipping companies to transport your car to your new destination safely.

Trying to drive your vehicle across the long-distance move could be a bad idea. It can add thousands of miles to your odometer, potentially break down in unfamiliar places, and generally devalue your car.

Instead, consider shipping your car to your new address. This option saves you money and helps preserve your vehicle’s value. If you don’t know how to ship a car, don’t worry! In this guide, we’ll you how to do just that.

How Much Is It to Ship a Car?

When shipping your car across the country, you have two primary options. The one you choose will play a decisive role in determining this process’s cost.

Your two choices are between open-air and enclosed carriers. Most customers choose to ship their vehicles via open-air carriers, as they save you a tremendous amount of money. 

Several comparisons show that an open-air carrier costs less than an enclosed carrier. This cost difference usually translates to an approximate difference of 30%. 

How to Ship a Car in Emergency Weather

As noted above, it’s usually much more affordable to use an open-air carrier for car shipping. However, there are times when it’s safer to use an enclosed carrier. Among those reasons is harsh weather.

If you’re transporting your car in harsh weather, an open carrier leaves your vehicle exposed to the elements. An enclosed carrier protects your automobile from weather conditions and keeps it safe. While this may cost more money, it produces excellent results.

Other Factors That Affect Cost

Besides the type of shipping you choose, several other factors affect the cost of long-distance shipping services. The answer to how much to ship a car varies, depending on the time of year. When transport is in high demand, costs increase.

Usually, this high demand occurs between Memorial Day and Labor Day, during the spring and summer months. Another factor is the size and weight of your car. Since shipping carriers only have so much room, your vehicle will cost more if it takes up more space. 

Another critical factor is the distance the vehicle must travel. If your move only requires you to move across the state, your shipping costs will be much lower than moving across the country. 

Lastly, your vehicle’s make and model can affect the price. If your car is a luxury or vintage model, it’ll probably lead to cost increases. This is because it likely requires extra service and attention.

Several moving services offer quotes online. Browse around until you find the cheap car shipping quotes that work for you.

Find a Car Shipping Service Today

If you have to move long distance, you can preserve your car’s safety and value. Now that you know how to ship a car, you can find a service that works for you! 

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If you’re wondering about the best way to transport your vehicle across the country, check out our guide on how to ship a car across the country. It covers essential details, including reliable services for shipping a car from NY to California to help you get the quotes you need for this long-distance journey.

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