Beach Trip Gift Ideas – 8 Great Gifts for Beach Lovers

folding beach wagon

Got a friend or family member about to head off on a beach trip? You could surprise them with a useful, thoughtful gift before they go.

Some products make beach trips much more enjoyable. Here are a few options for the beach lovers in your life:

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1.  Folding Beach Wagon

A folding beach wagon is a great gift. Not only do they work well for families, but they’re also helpful for transporting large or heavy sports equipment.

Beach wagons can be pulled along different types of terrain, including soft sand. This means it can be filled to the brim with gear, saving the beach lover in your life from taking multiple trips to the car. You can even put kids in there, too!

Some beach wagons can be folded down, making them a great space saver when not in use.

2.  Cooler

If the person you’re thinking of doesn’t have one already, why not buy them a cooler? Coolers are excellent for beach trips, as they can keep food and drinks cold all day. Soft-sided coolers are perfect if you want something light to carry, whereas hard-sided rotomolded coolers are a bit more hardwearing – so it depends on the needs of the recipient.

A rotomolded cooler is an excellent choice if your loved one already has a beach wagon or if you want to combine them both for a super-generous gift. The wagon will make it much easier to pull, so they can load up their cooler with drinks and food to last all day without having to carry it!

3.  Beach Towels

You can never have too many beach towels! If you’re looking for a useful gift for your loved ones, why not buy a microfiber towel? These are unique in that they are super-absorbant, strong, and fast to dry. Plus, you can brush sand off them with no issues – way more useful than regular beach towels!Mizu Towels are one of the best luxury beach towels that you can buy. These are the world’s best bacteria fighting towels that also come with self cleaning silver fibers that changes color when the dirt builds up. Created with Artisanal Japanese towel crafting techniques, Mizu Towel is a perfect towel for beach lovers.

A beach tote is ideal for carrying smaller items, like sunscreen, water bottles, and keys. The key is to find one that works really well for beach trips. You could find a waterproof tote with plenty of storage pockets for organization.

Parents might appreciate a mesh tote bag. These are ideal for carting around beach toys as the sand slips right through the gaps. This means parents can gather the toys and give the bag a good shake to remove excess sand. They dry quickly, so you can throw wet toys in there without worrying about the bag becoming moldy.

For little ones, you can buy mesh tote bags with toys included, which is a nice gift for the kids, and may give their parents a few moments of peace, too.

5.  Waterproof Cell Phone Cases

 If you really want to surprise a loved one before they go on their next beach trip, a waterproof cellphone case is a good choice. These are designed to allow you to use your phone on the beach without worrying about water getting in. While there are ways to fix a water-damaged cellphone, it’s much easier to prevent that in the first place with a good case.

Plus, it stops sand from getting into small cracks in a cell phone device, which can cause damage, too. If you know someone who would love to lay back in the sand with their e-reader, tablet, or phone, this is the perfect gift!

6.  Pop-Up Beach Tent

Everyone needs a break from the sun from time to time, and shady areas can be hard to come by, especially on busy days. A pop-up beach tent is a great gift, especially for families with young kids, as it will give them a shaded area to play in. Beach tents make a great ‘base’ to store gear, too.

The advantage of a pop-up tent is that they are super easy to assemble – just throw them in the air, and they assemble themselves. Plus, they tend to fold down very small, meaning it’s not too much of a hassle to bring it along.

7.  Beach Hammock

Beach hammocks can be strung between two trees pretty easily, allowing your loved one to stretch out and enjoy a rest for a while. They’re pretty small, so they’re nice and easy to carry in a purse or backpack.

8.  Underwater Camera

If you’ve got a bigger budget to work with, why not buy your friend or family member an underwater camera? These are great gifts, especially if you know they’ll be snorkeling on their next beach trip. Underwater cameras can capture some beautiful shots that they will treasure forever. Look for a camera with a wrist strap so they can swim easily without worrying about dropping it.

Hopefully, this has helped you to find the best gift for your friend or family member, so they can really enjoy their next beach trip!

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Written by Joshua White

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