Virginia is a terrific area to live in since it has beautiful mountain ranges, wonderful beaches, and bustling cities. You would anticipate it to have a fair number of affluent, staid centers given that it is the tenth-oldest state in the union. Here, we examine Virginia’s top ten residential areas. You will adore calling one of these places home, whether you are a millennial or a baby boomer. Read on for the best places to live in Virginia. 


Just seven miles separate Alexandria from Washington, DC. The last few years have seen rapid economic expansion in Alexandria. With 157,613 inhabitants, Alexandria is home to a number of high-tech businesses that employ numerous people. There are numerous housing options, 70 parks, and a campus of Northern Virginia Community College among the amenities. There are shops, restaurants, and theaters in the Old Town neighborhood. The best shopping in the region is located next to fashionable gastropubs and historic structures. For both artists and art enthusiasts, Alexandria is fantastic. The A-rated, fifth-best schools in the state are in Fairfax County. In Alexandria, the average family income is $104,031. The typical price of a property is $542,100, and the average monthly rent is $1,681.

Falls Church

Falls Church, which is a desirable neighborhood and only nine miles from the Washington, D.C. metro region, is ideal for anyone seeking to stay nearby. Founded as a colonial hamlet in the 1600s, it is a tiny, tranquil town with historical roots. Both the Arlington National Cemetery and George Washington’s Mount Vernon mansion are located here. In addition to 14 neighborhood parks, Falls Church is home to more than 125 eateries, bakeries, take-out, convenience, and quick-serve food businesses. 13,300 people live there, and the average income is $120,500. Falls Church is about 2.2 square miles, so everything is close by. The average house costs $284,600, and the median rent is$1871


On the boundary between Virginia and Washington, DC, is the bustling city of Arlington.  Walkable neighborhoods are prevalent. People talk about welcoming neighborhoods, text message chains between neighbors, children walking to school, and older youths who are free to roam around commercial districts like Ballston or Clarendon. Arlington, with a population of 223,945 people, is a diverse city with excellent schools, minimal crime, and a thriving nightlife. There are numerous outdoor activities available. The median property value is $607,700, and the monthly rent is $1,827 on average. $105,763 is the average household income. Arlington Real Estate is highly competitive and moves quickly.

Tysons Corner

Single-family homes in the wealthy neighborhood of Tysons Corner in Fairfax County typically cost $485,000. Tysons Corner Center and Tysons Galleria are two well-known malls. There are 22,400 people living in Tysons Corner, which also boasts a very low crime rate and some of the state’s top-performing schools. Along with a vibrant nightlife, Tysons Corner offers a wide variety of dining options, including Thai, Lebanese, Italian, and delectable neighborhood eateries. Tysons Corner has a typical household income of $101,587, a median rent of $2,140, and a median property value of $475,850.

Bon Air

In Chesterfield County, there is a suburb of Richmond called Bon Air. The town, which was first planned as a tourist area, still has a significant amount of its original Victorian construction. With 18,072 residents, the region is quite reasonably priced. Both young professionals and retirees live in Bon Air, which has several cafes, restaurants, and parks. The rating for this town’s schools is 9, which ties for the highest score in the state. Because there is hardly any crime, it is ideal for families with children. Bon Air has a typical household income of $81,896 and a median property value of $236,976. Bon Air’s average monthly rent is 1,381.

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