Carrying out a successive business empire requires that strategic methods of keeping records are put into place. The stocking and selling of products dictate that a steady inventory be kept. Whether the business is of small scale or a newly established one, still inventory management is vital. This is mostly geared towards supervising and tracking the level of sales, product promotions, and market or consumer orders.

The software of the modern days when incorporated with automated inventory management, then business owners can get to realize the importance of inventory management. This article will therefore dwell on the benefits that can be experienced by carrying out computed responsive inventory management.

Inventory Management

Inventory management can be defined as the business act of purchasing, safe stocking, and selling consumable products; while keeping track of the remaining stock. This ensures that even with the constant buying and selling, desirable and the type and required amount of products in the store are available. Inventory management covers parts, finished products as well as raw materials. It can be appreciated at the end of the day when the company has realized an increased profit, but only if the inventory management had been done well.

In a nutshell, the best cloud based inventory management allows the material and goods to be stocked in the right amounts without overstocking or understocking.

Features of Automated Inventory Management

Stock Transfers

A baseness owner might be carrying out his business in more than one location. In such an instance, a stock transfer may be required to bridge up the gap of stock shortage. While doing this, a record of stock transfers will ensure that good or material is sent and received between the two enterprises without spoiling its report or analysis of expenditure.

Advanced Multi-Store Reports

Sophisticated data can be dissolved faster and a strategized decision arrived at only if your business managers have a well updated report. These reports should be linked directly to the updated inventory. Notably, an automated report should marry well with inventory reports for your stocks.

Automated Reordering

Automated reordering is vital at ensuring that the inventory for every stock is managed smoothly. Retailers can therefore take a soft seat glad that their stock will always be kept in the constant required volume. This is achieved by the use of vendor relations, notifications of stock, and custom par levels. It is how well the sales are carried out that will be considered to make a fresh reorder. The reorder will be placed automatically when the maximum requirements are met.

Use of a barcode inventory software could help you massively in this.

eCommerce Integrations

online business has been on the rise and sometimes keeping a good inventory of the stock may be a challenge. eCommerce integrations put every transaction in a single inventory for each location and store even for a single business.

Dispatch Notifications

With dispatch notifications, merchants don’t need to be too fussy with tracking information, getting worried about the time of arrival of materials, or making follow-up calls. All these worries are buried with the automated dispatch notification, that will obviously keep every merchant on alert.

Store Order Cycles

This feature of automated inventory management doesn’t need the retailers’ touch and send work on the computer. Orders of the store are built in a single report automatically for good that is to be ordered. This single report bearing order requests is then sent to selected vendors by the software.

Franchise Features

Franchise businesses can be run smoothly without any difficulty with the help of a software called franchise POS.

Benefits of Computed Inventory Management

Having seen the primary features of automated inventory management, let us now consider how you can benefit by using it in your business.

Reduces the Risk of Overselling

Strong inventory management ensures that a track is kept for goods that are in your stock and balances it with what has been ordered without shrinking the stock.

Remotely Run Multiple Stores

Gathering each store report, building up stock transfers and franchisees management can be sorted out with good inventory management. A business that has grown, stabilized, and has extended to more stores in different locations can be managed satisfyingly with a computed inventory report.

Efficient Improvement of Inventory Management

The steady growth of a business is reliant on stored data, the creation of fresh reports and, placement of orders. All these plus other tasks of inventory can be performed without requesting for the assistance of your managers or staff. With inventory management that has been automated everything can be done efficiently, inventory can be obtained at any time it is needed and the business’ growth put on top.

Good Time Management

The inventory software ensures that the manual and laborious job that you can incur is reduced and the time for other things maximized. The time you can spend placing an order for products, checking the stock, and scrutiny in reporting is saved with the use of an automated system.

Helps Avoid Stockouts and Overstocking

It can be paining to lack a product in your stock especially if you have been constantly supplying it. The automated system, good planning, and strategized management will help you reduce the duration these products remain out of stock. It also reduces the work of doing excess inventory.

Helps Establish Good Relationship with Vendors and Suppliers

Negotiation of acceptable prices and business terms with suppliers can be facilitated with good inventory management. You will gain insight into knowing the trends products follow in the market and how they sell. This knowledge is key in the aforementioned negotiation.

Better Organization of Warehouse

As a business owner, you need to organize your warehouse appropriately by knowing how products sell. This includes most demanded ones, accessory products to the other, and first-in-first-out, thus minimizing the cost incurred on labor and maximizes quick product delivery.

Increased Profits

Increased profit is a dream of any business. Knowing how available a product is and of course, its demand can attract added profits through good management of inventories.


In every business, inventory management is essential for helping in the smooth running of the business itself, stock management, and product supply. Dispatch notifications, eCommerce integrations, and automated reordering are some of the key features of computed inventory management. Benefits from these are increased profit, better organized warehouses, and many more.

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