How Can You Spy on Someone’s Instagram Account?

Social Media are technologies that allow you to share information or communicate with others through virtual connections. It is addictive to all people, from children to old, as it offers you entertaining content. 

Instagram is one of those social media apps which is very popular among teens.

Users share photos or upload videos in this app. It is also used to interact with other people as it offers you communication features like direct messaging, video calls, voice mails, and media file sharing.

Why Do People Hack on Instagram Accounts?

There are many reasons why you should be spying on someone’s Instagram account. The reasons may be:

  1. For Parental Reasons

Instagram is one of the apps which is very popular amongst teens and kids. It allows your kids to share media files and can be used to communicate with others. 

But as a concerned parent, you should always track your child’s Instagram activities because they may also share some personal information that can put them in trouble.

Cyberbullying can cause mental problems in children and can cause loss of confidence. Also, as cyberbullying is common among kids, your child can be a target of cyberbullies and predators. So spying on the messages and knowing who they communicate with can help you as a parent.

  1. For Revealing a Cheating Spouse or Partner

There are lots of users on Instagram with whom you can connect. They may be a person you know in real life or just random people you meet on Instagram. 

As cybercheating and online affairs are very common, many unfaithful partners cheat on their lovers. So if you find something fishy, you can spy on your partner’s Instagram activities.

  1. For Employee Monitoring

To make sure your employee is working efficiently and honestly, you can spy on their Instagram activities. Employees can spend most of their time on Instagram, making them lazy and not meeting their deadlines.

  1. For Squeezing Money

As Instagram is the king of social media, stealing an Instagram account is like stealing a crown jewel. 

Hackers hack Instagram accounts for different reasons. Some sell those accounts and buyers buy those accounts to spread spam or some hacker tries to squeeze money from the owner. 

Is It Possible to Spy on Someone’s Instagram Account

Many people monitor other people’s Instagram activities but scrolling through their activities and information cannot be effective in every situation. Nobody can easily spy on someone’s Instagram without knowing the password or with help from some Instagram spying apps.

So some of the ways you can spy on someone’s Instagram account are:

  1. Use of Third-party Spying Apps

You can find many third-party spying apps which claim they are the best to spy on someone’s Instagram. We have gathered some spying apps that are worth it, so take your time to look. 

Some of the popular spying apps are:

  • MobileSpy App

MobileSpy App is one of the top spying apps you can find on the market. It is compatible with both iOS devices and Android devices. 

It runs in background mode, so your target will have no clue that you are spying on them. It is completely undetectable. You can also hide the Mobile Spy icon on your smartphone.

To start tracking or spying on someone’s Instagram, you need to install the Mobile Spy App on the target’s phone, which can be a little tricky. 

After having the access, root the target unit. If you want to use all the Mobile Spy capabilities, then rooting is required. Mobile Spy app provides different subscription plans with different prices. 

To start spying on Instagram activities:

Step 1: Sign up with your details and then log into the Mobile Spy App.

Step 2: After logging in, you will get access to the Mobile Spy App Control Panel.

Step 3: You can view and manage all the Instagram activities from the control panel. 

Along with Instagram hacking, Mobile Spy App also lets you view messages, phone call logs, other social media hacking, 24/7 customer support, email viewing, view media files, GPS tracking, etc., at an affordable price.

  • PhoneSpector App

PhoneSpector is the newer software in the market which is built with the latest technology. It’s compatible with iOS devices and Android smartphones. 

It comes with updates often and has features that are used to retrieve information from Instagram. PhoneSpector is very fast at retrieving data which is a plus point above other similar apps.

PhoneSpector has user-friendly data extraction with good data security and user safety. It works stealth mode completely, so it is not easy for the target to know that they are being spied on.

The app also offers other features like messages and phone logs viewing, GPS location tracking, media file viewing, Facebook message tracking, etc.

  • Highster Mobile Software

Highster Mobile Software is the most premium spying app in the market, which allows you to track someone’s Instagram without having any physical access to the target’s phone.

It digs deep into the target’s hard drive and memory to collect information. Then the collected information is transferred into its cloud, and you can view that information from the dashboard.

Highster offers you different features like SMS and calls tracking, remote and real-time access, web histories, GPS tracking, etc., but it is expensive, which is one of the pitfalls of this app.

  1. By Resetting Account’s Email

If you know your target’s email information, then you can easily spy on their Instagram activities. 

To hack on someone’s Instagram by resetting email, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Instagram app, enter their username and click the “Forgot password” option.

Step 2: You will get options to reset the password through email or phone number. Choose the email id option.

Step 3: Log into the email using credentials. Follow the link and reset the password. You will get an email regarding resetting the password.

In this way, you can spy on someone’s Instagram using email. 

  1. By changing the Password

It is another excellent way to hack someone’s Instagram. It is a difficult way and works if you have a hint of the target’s password.

Step 1: Launch Instagram and tap on “settings”.

Step 2: Tap on security and then click on password.

Step 3: Enter the current password, and if it matches, Instagram gives you the option to change the password.

Step 4: Enter the new password you entered.

How can you spy on someone’s Instagram account?

In this way, you can spy on someone’s Instagram account if you have some hint of the target’s password.

To Sum Up,

As Instagram is very popular, most of the population uses this app. You cannot stop your child from using Instagram because of inappropriate content, but spying on their activities might help. You can spy on your child or your partners to make things right before it’s too late. 

There are different ways you can spy on someone’s Instagram, but using a third-party app might be the easiest among all. You can try spying apps like MobileSpy, Highster, PhoneSpector App, which gives you plenty of features at an affordable price.

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Written by Kesara Bandaragoda

GAG Staff

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