Deux Cookie Dough, What Happened To The Deux Cookie Dough After The Shark Tank

Deux Cookie Dough, What Happened To The Deux Cookie Dough After The Shark Tank

The magic cookie that contains all the nutrients in the world has been a dream product for most cookie manufacturers.

When it comes to Deux Cookies owner Sabeena Ladha, that has been something possible, also, that is why she stepped into the shark tank to make her dream a reality.

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Deux is a plant-based cookie product that is also free from Gluten. It neither contains preservatives nor could any coloring that brings adverse effects to the consumers.

The name Deux has been designed to sound similar to Dough which implies the nature of a cookie.

Deux is everything for a vegan. It is a plant-based cookie product that is also free from Gluten.

Sabeena Ladha is the founder of Deux Dough, and She is from Los Angeles, California. She founded Deux cookie dough in 2020, and it has not been more than 02 years.

The 31 young entrepreneurs saw a gap and a potential between the available cookie products in the market. In recent times, during the COVID pandemic, she saw that people would go for higher prices to purchase cookies, and Sabeena used that.

What happened at the Shark Tank

Sabeena Ladha Stepped into the Shark Tank on November 12, 2021, with lots of hopes. What she had in her possession was $300,000 for 10% of her company.

First, Sabeena explained her product, and she mentioned that her products come in several variations. They are sugar and spice, gingerbread, pumpkin spice, birthday cake, chocolate chip, brownie batter, and peanut butter flavors that her audience finds delicious.

Robert Herjavec came up with an appreciation, and he was not interested in Sweet related food, which made him out. The next leaver for Sabeena was Lori Greiner, who thought that Sabeena’s product did not have enough nutrients. According to Lori, being a vegan product, she should have done better.

Nirav wanted something that could bring revenue by keeping it for a longer period, which made him out.

Although Mark Cuban refused the deal, Robert wanted to make a deal. Sabeena tried to negotiate for few times, and it did not work either. Sabeena went shark tank without a deal.

The Deux cookie dough was crucial rather than anyone in the recent episodes. That is because they could succeed despite their unsettlement in the Shark tank.

Although there was no settlement, Sabeena was happy with how things had gone right after the episode.

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“This is another ‘no’ notch on my belt, but we’re going to keep going,”

Sabeena after shark tank pitch

A week after her appearance on Shark Tank, she posted on Tik Tok, “Silly me. Should’ve known my place is in the kitchen not in the boardroom,” and implied the negative impact on her company. People had criticized her pink color selection for the important event. 

However, her video had only passed 400,000 views on TikTok after a week since she posted. Things started to change after that, as not only did her harassment accusations go down, but the good tides for her business started to rise.  

Forbes had reported that Deux had become one of the best in the desserts at Erewhon. Although Sabeena was looking for 1.2M from her company at the end of 2021, she had been able to reach 1.8M in revenue at the end of the year.

 As Sabeena has explained, that was all because of her Shark Tank appearance. However, the fans had played some part in her progress. Regarding the current date, the end of March 2022, she has been one of the leading online sellers, with a comfortable price of $15. 

The Deux cookie dough net worth in 2022

The Deux cookie dough net worth is approximate 2.3 Million USD at the end of March 2022. They are also planning to exceed 5M USD at the end of this year.

Competitors off Deux cookie dough

Tartine Bakery, Pillsbury Dough, Nestle dough, Frogs Organic Bakery, Orange bakery, Starter Baker, and the Model Bakery are a few of the competitors of the Deux cookie dough.


Who owns Deux cookie dough?

Sabeena Ladha is the owner of the Deux cookie dough.

How long does Deux cookie dough last?

If you store it in the refrigerator, it will survive up to 06 months.

Did Deux get a deal on Shark Tank?

No. They could not close a deal at the Shark Tank as all the sharks rejected her offer.

How is Deux doing?

They are doing great at present. Along with a 600% progress, they are in a better position than last year.

Deux cookie dough’s current net worth in 2022?

Deux cookie doughnut worth in 2022 is about 2.3 Million USD.

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Written by MSM Riham

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