Morgan Hipworth And Bistro Morgan What Happened After The Shark Tank

Morgan Hipworth earned $55,000 on his first weekend and wants $200,000 for a 20% interest in his sweet treat institution, which often sells out of stock. 

Shark Tank AUS offers Australian businesses competing for investment from our Sharks, five venture capitalists eager to put their own money on the line for equity.

Morgan Hipworth And Bistro Morgan What Happened After The Shark Tank

Bistro Morgan Bakehouse

Morgan Hipworth is an up-and-coming Australian chef. At nine, he staged his first Sweets and Treated home bake sale before selling his sweets to Melbourne cafes. 

Morgan opened his now-iconic Melbourne bakery Bistro Morgan at fifteen. His mission is now to inspire the next generation of food enthusiasts.

Morgan invites you inside his world of cuisine, pleasure, and inspiration. He already has over 500,000 TikTok fans and 100,000 Instagram followers. Doing what you love will never need you to work a day in your life. 

Morgan managed the brand’s Instagram page, with over 79,000 followers while balancing school. Also, he opened a pop-up shop and sold 10,000 doughnuts in eight days.

While this may be faithful for some, it isn’t easy to envision finding love before graduating! All in a day’s work for Morgan Hipworth. Like that. Morgan Hipworth, 20, has built a thriving bakery enterprise, Bistro Morgan, in Windsor, Melbourne.

Bisrto Morgan doughnuts are distinguished by their flavor and fineness

How It Started, And Who Is Morgan Hipworth

Every weekend, Morgan prepared three-course dinners for his parents and grandparents in their dining room. Morgan Hipworth offered freshly baked sweet delicacies to his extended family for birthdays and other occasions. 

He was asked to bring some samples to a neighborhood cafe in early 2014 and was soon entirely responsible for all sweets and baked items.

Morgan was soon delivering doughnuts to anywhere from five to fifteen cafés every weekend, causing him to rapidly invest in a big stand mixer capable of making 200 doughnuts at once, of keeping up with demand. Every weekend, Morgan prepared all the doughnuts from his home kitchen with his parents’ help.

Morgan’s doughnuts are distinguished by their flavor and fineness. Gaytime Crunch, White Chocolate and Raspberry Syringe, Coco Pops, and Cookies & Cream doughnuts are his innovations. For example, laminations, Morgan says they aim to innovate. 

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What Happens In The Shark Tank

Bistro Mogan wanted $200,000 for a 20% stake in his $1 million firms. Ms. Simson said the “young gun” had made “one of the most memorable pitches” she had seen on Shark Tank.

In addition to the $200,000 investment, Morgan has secured two sharks who want far more than Morgan’s suggested 20% ownership, with Steve proposing 30%.

The 18-year-old juggled schoolwork and his doughnut shop, Bistro Morgan, in Windsor, Melbourne. Last year, the entrepreneur completed his HSC, giving him more time to dedicate to his $500,000-a-year firm.

He said he was head down, bum up, and he couldn’t fit anything in for the previous year because he was so busy. In 2013, Mr. Hipworth received his first break after conversing with a cafe owner after lunch with Ellie’s mother.

He supplied that cafe with daily orders of brownies, cakes, and slices for many years, but in year 9, he opened his pop-up shop, selling 10,000 doughnuts in a little over a week.

“I’ve faced abuse and vitriol in the past, and recently, phony Google profiles and one-star ratings on my company page. It’s a pity we live in a culture that believes it’s humorous to mock individuals who are different.”

What Happens to Bistro Morgan After The Shark Tank?

Mr. Hipworth’s company started as a week-long pop-up after saving $55,000 from doughnut sales.

After recently purchasing Adrenaline, the $100 million firms has become Australia’s biggest online experience aggregator.

Suddenly, the self-taught pastry chef made and delivered sweets for 20 cafés, with another 30-40 on his waiting list, all while attending school.

His boyhood goal has grown into a million-dollar company with 5,000 to 10,000 freshly baked delicacies served every week.

Bistro Morgan’s net worth in 2022

Bistro Morgan is dominating the doughnut space after the shark tank in Australia. now it has a net worth of around $ 200 million.

“Bistro Morgan” Net worth Update (Before & After Shark Tank)

Morgan Hipworth’s net worth in 2022

Morgan Hipworth built his first permanent business, Bistro Morgan Bakehouse, in December 2016 using proceeds from his pop-up shop.

He is one of the wealthiest and most famous entrepreneurs. The updated Net Worth of Morgan Hipworth in 2022 is $200 Million. His majority of income comes from his business Bistro Morgan bakehouse.


Bistro Morgan shark tank update

After the shark tank appearance, Bistro Morgan is dominating the doughnut space in Australia.
Bistro Morgan is permanently housed at 190 High St, Windsor. Bistro Morgan is now known as Bistro Morgan Bakehouse serving up more than just doughnuts with breakfast, lunch, brunch, coffee & other treats on the menu.

How much is Bistro Morgan’s net worth in 2022?

Morgan Hipworth is just 15 years old Entrepreneur and Chef. His majority of income comes from his business Bistro Morgan. now Bistro Morgan has a net worth of around $ 200 million.

How much is Morgan Hipworth’s net worth in 2022?

Morgan Hipworth is an Entrepreneur and Chef who has a net worth of $200 Million.

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