Coca-Cola used AI to create its newest zero-sugar flavor ‘Y3000’

Coca-Cola has launched a new soda, and it’s not like any other. Named Coca-Cola Y3000, this drink is special because it’s the first one they’ve made using both people’s ideas and computer technology, known as artificial intelligence (AI).

Here’s how they did it: Coca-Cola asked people what kind of flavors they might want in the future. They took these ideas and used AI to come up with the perfect mix, creating Y3000. The company hasn’t said exactly what it tastes like, so soda fans will have to try it to find out.

For those watching their sugar intake, Coca-Cola offers both regular and zero-sugar versions of Y3000.But the innovation doesn’t stop at the flavor. The company has also employed AI to design the drink’s packaging. The result? A futuristic look complete with a pixelated logo and striking chrome colors, setting it apart on the shelves.

image: Coca-Cola

James Smith, a big boss at Coca-Cola, said they’re always trying to do new things. This drink, he says, shows they’re thinking about the future.

And there’s more: Coca-Cola is teaming up with a fancy clothing brand called Ambush. They’re going to make clothes that match the new drink’s vibe, coming out this fall.

To sum it up, Y3000 is Coca-Cola’s peek into the future, mixing old-school taste-making with new-school tech.

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