The Ultimate EDC Collection: Premium Tools for Every Situation

Life is much easier when you have all the essential tools for accomplishing different tasks requiring more effort. These tools are mainly necessary to accomplish simpler, critical, safety, survival, and other roles; hence, they are ideal for anywhere you go.

Rather than stressing about the perfect one, you must think about your routines and then carry the most suitable one. For instance, if you work until late at night, you may need a safety kit such as a pen knife, flashlight, etc.

The life you live largely defines the type of tool you carry and the essence it has on making your work easier or keeping you safe. In this article, we will discuss some of the premium tools suitable for every situation:

1.      RESQME Vehicle Escape Tool

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There are essential tools that you should never miss in your car as you go about your business; this includes essentials like a jump starter, extra tire, car jack, etc. As part of your car basics, you should never miss a RESQME vehicle escape tool, as it can come in handy in the case of car jacks. It has a combination of tools to help you escape a carjack instead of relying on security officers to rescue you.

With the jammed seatbelt cutter, you can easily cut a seatbelt to free yourself. This feature can also be handy in case of accidents, such as when a car rolls over and the seatbelt is jammed, preventing you from getting to safety. If you are trapped in the vehicle due to floods, accidents, and car failure, you can use the key chain hammer to escape the situation. The tool makes it a perfect part of your emergency EDC box.

2.      Custom Leather Scout Carry Sheath

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Whenever you go on camping adventures, you need essentials such as knives for safety, cutting things, and other needs. However, you cannot mix the knife with other essentials in the bag lest you risk a cut. Therefore, the best way to safely carry them is on a sheath, which you can hang onto your belt to carry all the necessary tools. It can also be used to carry keys, especially for those prone to losing them. You can safely trap it on the trousers and carry it everywhere to carry critical items like keys, lighters, and blades.

3.      Survival Fire Starter

Scouts, campers, and survival enthusiasts understand the critical need for fire while in the jungle, hence the need for a fire starter. With a fire starter, you do not have to worry about a matchbox, which can easily get wet or carry kerosene.

Instead, you have the perfect, compact size and the most critical fire-making tool. Due to size, you can easily add it to your key chain to avoid losing it. Unlike lighters, it does not use liquid; instead, it helps you create fire sparks through friction, meaning you can use it forever. If you are lost or want to communicate your location to others, it has a whistle to help your colleagues track you easily.

4.      Field Canvas Trail Bag

Instead of carrying a bigger backpack, which can be heavy, especially when hiking, you can reduce your luggage and only pack the essentials. You can use it to store small essentials that can easily be lost or those you need; for instance, you can store protein bars, whistles, lighters, and spotlights.

If you love collecting pebbles for your study, you can also carry them safely since they are made of leather and hence cannot rapture easily despite the weight. For half-a-day adventures, it can help you stay minimal by carrying a few things, hence relieving the burden of bigger bags.

5.      Tactica M250 Multi-Tool

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For more miniature DIY and handy jobs, you need minimal tools for various jobs like tightening and removing screws. Instead of buying the whole pack, you can consider this multi-tool with various appliances to achieve different goals, including device repairs.

Within the pack, you can get a screwdriver, Allen keys, and torx drivers essential for handy jobs and fixing objects in tiny spaces the hand cannot access. To hold all the tools in position, it has a magnetic mount to keep all the mini tolls in place and to avoid losing them. It is perfect for craftsmen involved in electrical and device repairs.

6.      MECARMY TPX33 Titanium Tactical Pen

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Image having a pen that could double as a tactical and self-defense weapon. You do not have to worry about a gun or a knife in the office when you can carry your pen for multiple functionalities. When it is out of ink, you can easily refill it and continue using it for writing and other needs.

The elegant appearance and design with a titanium alloy shell make it even more appealing. It is corrosion-resistant and durable; if you think it is heavy, you are wrong. At the tip is a sharp tungsten steel head that can double as a self-defense mechanism in case of an attack on your way home. It can also be perfect for outdoor self-defense when camping.


There are different tools you need for your daily life, and sometimes you carry some of them without noticing their needs.

However, before deciding on the perfect tool to carry, consider its attributes such as size, i.e., it should be small and compact but relevant to your needs.

The tool should fulfill its protective role at the time of need.

What do you think?

Written by Joshua White


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