Adam Haller And Desiree Haller net worth

SubSafe is a company that manufactures waterproof containers such as Water Proof Boxes, Stainless Steel Cups, and Sandwich Boxes. These are made out of BPA material and which is reusable to keep food fresh. It has a brand tagline of  “Soggy Bread Sucks!” And its founders, Adam Haller, and Desiree Haller are the amazing couple behind this revolutionary product. Adam Haller And Desiree Haller’s net worth is 750,000 USD as of 2023.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the quick facts you need to know about Adam Haller And Desiree Haller and their journey toward the $1 million empire of Subsafe.

Full NameThey are going to introduce WineSafe is a combination of waterproof plastic container and koozie for wine or champagne bottles that come with rubber cook.
Previous occupationDesiree Haller was working in accounting and Adam Haller was a third-generation cabinet maker
InventionWaterproof containers
Shark Tank appearanceSeason 10, Episode 13
Shark Tank deal$100,000 from Mark Cuban And Charles Barkley in exchange for 25% equity in Subsafe
Company founded2018
Company headquartersFlorida
Other products
Awards and recognitionUnknown
Personal lifeUnknown
Net worth750,000 USD as of 2022
PhilanthropyThe company donates $0.50 from each sale to provision packs for unprivileged children
Future plansThey are going to introduce WineSafe a combination of a waterproof plastic containers and koozies for wine or champagne bottles that come with rubber cook.


Whether you are an entrepreneur looking for inspiration or just curious about the story behind SubSafe,  there are always lessons to be learned from successful individuals like Adam Haller And Desiree Haller With a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and philanthropy, Haller Couple is a true inspiration for entrepreneurs everywhere.

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