David Mayer’s Net Worth

The Clean Bottle is the world’s first sports bottle that is with a removable bottom and top for cleaning purposes. This product gained popularity among people due to its durability and innovative design. This is a reusable water bottle that is considered the revolutionary product in Shark Tank and its founder, David Mayer, is the man behind this revolutionary product. David Mayer has a net worth of 3.2 Million USD as of 2023.

 In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the quick facts you need to know about David Mayer and his journey to building a $3.2 million worth of giant empire of clean water bottles.


Full NameWashable, BPA-free water bottle that can open bottom and top for cleaning.
EducationStanford graduate from Silicon Valley, California.
Previous occupationAmateur cyclist and Ironman Triathlete
InventionSeason 3, Episode 1
Shark Tank appearanceSeason 3, episode 1
Shark Tank deal$60,000 from Mark Cuban in exchange for 8% equity in Clean Bottle
Company founded2010
Company headquartersBoston, Massachusetts
Other productsCoffee mugs, Tumblers, and growlers
Awards and recognitionNamed as “ Bottle Boy” as he performed in public by wearing a giant costume to chase riders in the Tour de France.
Personal lifeMarried and having two kids
Net worth3.2 Million USD (as of 2023)
Philanthropy10% profit from all clean water bottles are donated to eco-friendly charities.
Future plansUnknown


Whether you are an entrepreneur looking for inspiration or just curious about the story behind The Clean Bottle, there are always lessons to be learned from successful individuals like David Mayer With a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and philanthropy, Mayer is a true inspiration for entrepreneurs everywhere.

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