Youtube advanced features: Need to know about YouTube Vanced

youtube Vanced
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Many android apps that come with remarkable features today are not in the play store. This is because of google policies and guidelines. However, you can find these apps on their official site pages and some other sources on the internet. 

You might be familiar withsome apps that have been there for quite some time. These are ‘YouTube Vanced’ and ‘YouTube Vanced Tuber.’They might have the same names, but there is a very big difference between them when it comes to functionality. 

In this article, we will learn how to use them, compare them and see what they do differently from each other.

How to use YouTube Vanced and YouTube Vanced Tuber

Therefore, YouTube vanced is an older version of YouTube Vanced Tuber. Both apps work the same, but the advancements and the additional features bring a bigger difference in how they function. Let us see how each one works.

YouTube Vanced

To get the app, first, go to the official website and download the ‘Vanced Manager’ app. Install then open it. Then install another app called Vanced MicroG. After installing this app, we can now download the YouTube Vanced app.

Vanced Manager is a download tool that provides MicroG and YouTube Vanced app, allowing you to install any Installer app. MicroG is a free tool application that serves as a substitute for google play services in the android community.

The YouTube app has been modified to create YouTube Vanced that is very famous in the android society. It has many amazing features like background playback, in-build ad blocking that you will not get in the official YouTube app.

This app does not have a video download feature

  • YouTube Vanced Tuber

This one is simple and easy to download, install, and use. First, go to their official website and press the download button. Access the APK ‘YouTube Vanced Tuber’ file and click install, and you are good to go.

This app has some additional and better in-built features, making it user-friendly compared to the YouTube Vanced. The app has an interactive interface and features evenly placed for easy accessibility. It contains an ad blocking feature and has no clickbait features.

Another great factor about this app is that it allows you to freely download videos and audio of the quality of your choice from YouTube. It has a download option right below the video, so you click on it and download your video or audio.

To use the app, you have to log in using your YouTube account to sync your YouTube data in just a click. People who use this feature are advanced users who need their watch history or playlists to appear on YouTube Vanced Tuber.


With these two apps and their differences, I could 100% prefer using YouTube Vanced Tuber over YouTube Vanced. So, if you want to get an app with an outstanding performance between these two, I would recommend you go for YouTube Vanced Tuber. 

Other than the amazing features it has, the download process and speed are not hectic as it might be in YouTube Vanced, which makes it the best choice.