In this era of digitization, online videos have taken a grasp over the world with widespread popularity and demand. Whether it’s an online presentation in the corporate sector or study material for teachings, you will notice the consistent use of online videos. These online videos are used to make animations for a better depiction of any message or information.

With the global impact of covid19, several organizations, individuals and institutions have adopted the use of online videos for the rapid functioning of everyday work. If you’re working at a corporation and need to make an eye-glazing presentation for the clients, you will need an online video editor. Similarly, students and teachers are now communicating online, so the need for an online video editor has outreach over here too.

One of the best tools for this purpose is the Doratoon. Check out the review for this amazing and highly effective online animation maker and video editor tool.

Features of Doratoon: An Online Video Editor

The features of this amazing online video editor, Doratoon, is helpful to its users. Some of the features are mentioned below.

  • Creates Animated Videos: You can use this software tool to enhance your video-making process by incorporating animations. If you have the basic knowledge of making animated videos, this tool will help you create a new one within a few minutes. You won’t even have to know the learning curve to make such videos.
  • Customizable Templates: You can explore about 1000+ templates that can be customized according to your needs and preference. You can use various genres and aspects templates for multiple purposes, including education, business, marketing, etc.
  • Easy-To-Use Platform: Doratoon is an easy-to-use platform that allows you to create mesmerizing and captivating videos on PowerPoint. Anyone with a basic knowledge of PowerPoint can use this software tool to make their required videos.

Advanced Functions of Doratoon: An Online Video Editor

There are some advanced functions of Doratoon that can help individuals or organizations to make superior quality videos with efficiency. Some of the functions are:

  • AI Dubbing: This software tool enables you to use artificial intelligence for dubbing. This tool allows you to convert the text inputs into video dubbing without much hassle.
  • Animated Characters: You can use this software tool to input various animated characters into your video along with multiple facial expressions. This can help to enhance the content quality of the video and make it more presentable.
  • PPT – Video Conversion: If there is any PowerPoint presentation which you want in video format. This software tool offers a one-stop input to convert or import your PPT into a video.
  • Smart Subtitling: Doratoon helps you save time and effort from typing humongous subtitles for the video contents. This software uses automated conversion technology to convert your accurate voice speech inputs into subtitles.

Application of Doratoon In The Corporate Sector

There are various applications of the software Doratoon in the corporate sector. Some of the applications are listed below.

  • Corporate Publicity: With the use of Doratoon, you can expand your corporate publicity from the TVC advertisement platform to the online platform. You can use this tool to make funny or captivating animated videos about your brand and promote them to impress the target audience.
  • Knowledge Popularization: Doratoon helps individuals and organizations to make their content easy to understand through animated videos. This technique of knowledge popularization helps to make concrete and complex contents simpler.
  • Mini-Courses: Doratoon allows you to make mini-courses or short videos with excellent efficiency and convenience. These videos can be easily uploaded on cloud-management softwares. This mini-course helps to make the video contents vivid, precise and fun.
  • Marketing & Promotion: Doratoon is immensely helpful for marketers. This software tool enables them to create marketing videos for impressive advertising within 5 minutes. You can find a variety of original and authentic templates along with royalty-free music and stylish fonts for the best commercial advantage.
  • Corporate Culture: Doratoon is the best way to promote the corporate culture instead of using PPT. This tool helps to promote corporate values and staff belongingness through quick and efficient results. You can use this tool to make visual string content for your corporate orientation, recruitment, conference, and seminars. This is the best way to deliver corporate information to the clients for maximum efficiency and best results.

Steps To Use Doratoon

To increase or decrease the scene page length of the video, follow the steps:

  1. Click on the link for the new project, and start with the blank scene page for the video editing.
  2. Then, check for the availability of the scene page.
  3. At the right-most end of the scene page, there is a ‘+’ and ‘-’ button to make the necessary adjustments.

Likewise, there are various other steps and instructions defining entry and exit time, setting the entry order and so on.

Final Thoughts

So, from this comprehensive review guide, you can understand the importance of online editing tools and how Doratoon has helped organizations and individuals with its unique features. 

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