How To Grow Your Instagram?

If you have started an online business, you can sell your products and services on the social media platform. However, the condition here is that you will have to build a dedicated list of following users to grow your brand.

With more than a billion users around the world, most would think that it is very easy to acquire followers. However, you will soon notice that getting to your first 10,000 followers on Instagram is easier said than done. You need to prove yourself as an influencer or a successful brand.

How to grow your Instagram profile?

Here are some known and safe ways to grow your Instagram profile:

Creating shareable and authentic content

Instagram has always believed in using authentic ways to grow your Instagram profile – it has been additionally predicted that this power will only grow in 2021. One of the best ways to do this is to share content that is shareable and authentic. Your followers will be able to share feed posts on their Instagram stories as well as direct messages.

Whether you are uploading something as simple as a skincare routine or talking about the struggles of owning a new business, your followers will feel like you are open with them and share your posts. In turn, they will follow you, and at times, even their followers will end up following you.

Promote your Instagram page on other social platforms

If you are looking for great ways to grow your Instagram page, you can consider cross-promotion on other social platforms. In 2021, it has been predicted that Pinterest and TikTok will be the two apps that will be best to grow your Instagram followers.

However, if you are not on Pinterest or TikTok yet, you can use other social media apps like Facebook and Twitter to grow your following. In fact, the only platforms that can be considered in the same league as Instagram are these sites. Share your Instagram content on these platforms and you may be able to increase your followers, views, reach, and engagements.

Write longer captions

Not so long ago, writing longer captions on Instagram was very debatable. Instagram is a platform that is all about visuals like on-brand images, high-quality photography, aesthetics, etc. However, audiences today are looking to learn more about you, or more specifically, your posts. Additionally, they also want to know about your brand and your mission. Furthermore, make use of hashtag generator tools to find hashtags for your posts.

Influencers were among the first types of users that started writing longer captions. This gave greater insight into their thoughts on current events. Brands can take advantage of this trend as well, especially when it comes to creating awareness for their causes and gaining a new horde of followers and more engagement.

Create Instagram Live videos

Needless to say, videos are the future of Instagram. Thanks to Instagram Live, you will be able to drive engagement and increase your followers with ease. Instagram Live is a stream of unedited video content that your followers can view and engage with via submitting questions and comments in real-time.

A lot of brands have made use of this feature, especially post-COVID-19 lockdown. There are a lot of content ideas you can follow like tutorials, online webinars, tournaments and games, hosting weekly shows, etc. All these can drive traffic towards your Instagram page.

Create memes

Today, the world revolves around clever memes. You can use them to build your brand identity, get more followers, and drive product interest. Most users are familiar with memes because of their cultural relevance. They tend to be funny and make use of a combination of images and text. Memes are the unsung heroes for increasing reach and engagement.

Using external tools to increase your followers

While this method is inorganic, it does not mean that you cannot use them to direct traffic and followers on Instagram. There are many tools and programs that can help you do so. Almost all of them are very safe – this means you will not be banned from Instagram for using their services.

For instance, Task Ant is one such app that can increase your following base. This is a safe and affordable tool and can be used for a lot of purposes, including increasing the likes on your Instagram page. The prices depend on how many followers you are looking for.

Final thoughts

If you want your business to grow and achieve new heights, it is important that you grow your Instagram followers and direct traffic to your Instagram page. These factors will dictate how well your posts and content are doing and give you a good idea of what to do next. Find more about Task Ant here.

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Written by Kesara Bandaragoda

GAG Staff

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