Best Apps for Prank Phone Calls

prank call app
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Playing prank calls today can be more trouble than it’s worth – as an accidental slip of your caller ID can have the police knocking on your door. While the prank dial has always been a staple in modern entertainment, it’s been played less and less by ordinary people like you and me. 

However, thanks to the smartphone and the outstanding developers who built prank apps, you can now make a prank call while remaining anonymous. Thanks to technological advancements, not only are prank calls safer, but you’ll also be able to take advantage of the various features that they offer. Also, know how to increase snack video followers…?

Below are some of the best prank call apps of 2021, all containing a unique twist on the prank call. Let’s start!


If you’re a fan of prank calling in general, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered the OwnagePranks youtube channel. Known as among the first YouTubers to showcase high-quality prank calling to the masses, they also provide an app that’s equally as impressive.

The OwnagePranks app resembles the show in many ways, featuring many of the same characters that define the brand. However, the app itself is a simulator for prank phone calls, letting users send automated prerecorded calls to the person they’re pranking. Each automated prerecorded call contains a different scenario- a pharmacy insisting your genital cream is ready for collection or an angry neighbour complaining about a noise complaint.

No matter who’ve you got in mind, there’s guaranteed to be a prank scenario that best suits their personality and lifestyle. Its forgivable to assume an automated call isn’t great since it’s not a real person, but it’s far more impressive than it appears to be. 

The app contains a speech recognition Ai, capable of instantly responding at the right times from recognizing keywords and detecting silence. In conjunction with the way scripts are written, prerecordings can mimic a real person on the phone.

The Fake Incoming Call App – Phone Booth Free 2 for iPhone & Fake Call & SMS

A fake call app’s primary function is to let users organize incoming fake calls, providing the perfect opportunity to seamlessly prank others closeby who are listening in.

A fake call can be utilized in various ways, applicable to everyday scenarios if done correctly. For example, if time is dragging at an unnecessary work meeting and you need to go, you may be tempted to give a cop-out excuse. Alternatively, you can schedule an incoming fake call, and pretend an emergency has come up. A fabricated emergency will provide you with the perfect excuse to leave without question. Not only is your reason to go more convincing, but it will also appear authentic.

Phone Booth Free 2 for iPhone

Fake Calling Apps aren’t quite as popular as prank calling simulators like our first recommendation, but they serve a different purpose which can be just as good. 

In addition to its main function of making incoming calls, this app also has numerous celebrities you can select to ring you. If you want harmless fun, accept a call from Justin Bieber, Ryan Gosling or the Queen! You’ll also be able to create your own fake caller, assigning their own name, number and picture for their profile. 

Aside from its unique cast of fake callers, the app is generally easy to use with a UI that’s easy to navigate. 

Fake Call & SMS

Fake Call & SMS rises to the top by way of it’s features offered, and it’s overall ease of use. In addition to receiving expected incoming calls, you’ll also be able to send yourself text messages. However, text message content isn’t random as the app gives you a choice to adjust its content beforehand. 

Like Phone Booth Free, you’ll also be able to create new profiles for your prank calls – do so by giving them individual names, pictures and numbers. 

RoboVox Voice Changer Pro

Not getting the reactions you’re looking for when making a prank call? Besides updating your prank material, one fantastic way to spice things up is to use a voice changing app. RoboVox transforms a person’s speaking voice with various applied sound effects, allowing prank callers to avoid detection during a call. 

Although these apps have existed for a while, most lack the diverse selection of voice transformations that RoboVox offers. With 32 available, you’ll be able to switch it up to fool others over the phone. Voice effects include Discobot, Badman, Exorcist, Cylon, Dalek, Singing Robot, Vader, HAL, Stephen and Prophet.

Robovox goes above and beyond with the unique features offered, such as their X-Y control field that controls pitch and modulation and their three different modes: real-time, parrot and recording. After making a recording, Parrot mode will then repeat your altered voice automatically. Use your voice file to play during phone calls, or as voice messages sent online.