Best Up-and-coming Sales Apps for Real Estate Professionals

Best Up-and-coming Sales Apps for Real Estate Professionals

Buying, selling, and investing in real estate have always been a hassle for all parties involved. Thankfully, the modern real estate industry offers multiple digital solutions to optimize workflow for professionals, elevate housing sales, and simplify the house-hunting journey for buyers.

With the rise of 3D and VR technology, there are more innovative and cutting-edge applications on the market everyone should be on the lookout for. If you’re tired of outdated sales methods, discover what interactive 3D sales application for real estate you can get or invest in to empower your business.

Read on to learn more about popular and up-an-coming real estate apps that shited the market realtors, buyers, and business owners can use to purchase, invest, and sell properties.

Property Sales App

The main challenge for realtors is selling under-construction real estate. Nurturing clients and potential buyers with marketing campaigns for developing housing projects is a time-consuming and, most of the time, a low-rewarding strategy. However, the Property Sales app, empowered with 3D modules and Virtual Reality technology, checks all the boxes, helping real estate agencies elevate their marketing efforts and showcase upcoming projects. So how does it work?

One of the standout features of the app is its stunning visualization and mind-blowing simulations, allowing users to explore properties in the digital realm. Potential buyers or investors can view the project using Gear VR or Oculus devices or simply through a tablet or a smartphone. Property Sales App includes augmented reality and interior design customization features that provide users with additional visualization of how the property would look in different designs, furnishing, and finishing touches. Other functionality includes panoramic views, 3D floor plans, real windows views, availability information, price details, filtered search, direct purchasing, and more.

The Property Sales App leverages several advantages over traditional property marketing and sales methods. With such an app, real estate agencies offer clients the opportunity to explore housing projects and listings remotely, saving time and resources for all parties involved. With VR and AR technology, buyers won’t have difficulties visualizing the project after the work is done, can engage with property, and, as a result,  get motivated to buy or invest in the new home. Moreover, realtors can access detailed analytics and statistics tools, allowing real estate professionals to track user behavior and create targeted marketing campaigns.

Interactive Masterplan Apps

Another buzzing app in the real estate industry is the interactive masterplan application solutions. Masterplans are a step away from an outdated listing presentation that allows realtors and brokers to take their business to the virtual world. These applications offer an immersive experience for potential buyers, giving them a chance to explore their favorite property in detail and envision their life there. Such an approach is famous for international real estate sales and saves a lot of time for buyers and realtors to show up for several showings. With an innovative masterplan app, you can teleport potential buyers to the property, highlight every unique feature, and provide additional information about the houses and neighborhood, whether you want to showcase an under-development project or a ready-to-live home.

Interactive masterplan apps are a secret weapon for real estate agencies to survive the competition. Using cutting-edge technology, industry professionals can show their forward-thinking and innovative approach, bundling trust and credibility with their targeted audience.

Popular Real estate sales apps:

The real estate industry was one of the first ones to utilize applications and digitalize main processes and operations. Let’s take a look at the top three most popular platforms for realtors and brokers.

  1. Zillow

If it’s not your first day in the real estate field (or fairly just on the Internet), you know the Zillow app. It’s the best-known platform for realtors to showcase new listings, reach larger audiences, boost the discoverability of the real estate agency, and engage with potential buyers. The Zillow Premier Agent program provides brokers with tools for lead tracking, management, and nurturing, channels for marketing campaigns, and data reports to boost decision-making and help with marketing and sales strategies.

  1. Redfin

Redfin is a technology-powered real estate brokerage empowered with multiple tools to optimize the work processes for realtors. With a Redfin app, real estate professionals can manage their leads, build transparent communication with potential buyers, utilize the platform’s advertising modules to increase their audience outreach, and connect directly through the app with potential buyers.

  1. LoopNet

Finding the best-suited space for your business is a headache for many companies. Moreover, realtors invest money, time, and resources to close commercial listings. The LoopNet app is the best-suited solution to tackle those challenges designed to promote and sell commercial and industrial properties. On the app, buyers can scroll through an extensive database of various commercial real estate up for sale or lease, including offices, retail spaces, and big industrial priorities. LoopNet provides tools for buyers to find a new space for their business faster. Additionally, realtors benefit from analytics and report tools to optimize sales and marketing strategies, features for an instant connection with potential leads, and a channel to promote commercial properties.

Final advice for choosing a real estate app for a professionals

With new ahead-of-curve technology emerging non-stop, Proptech developments are still transforming the real estate industry. Professional developers offer niche solutions tailored to empower realtors and agencies to thrive in the competitive, forever-changing environment. Promoting your services in globally-used apps is always a good strategy. However, look for a solution that fits your unique requirements and embraces the latest achievements in the Property technology industry. You can take advantage of cutting-edge tech and empower your business to thrive by choosing the up-and-coming application!

After all, if you feel that none of the existing apps on the market meet your requirements and satisfy all your business needs, share your unique idea with the team of creative real estate developers. Building an innovative app with out-of-this-world functionality like augmented reality, 3D masterplans, or virtual reality tours might not help your own company but help transform the way the real estate sector does business.

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