What's the worst response to, 'I have a crush on you'?

What’s the worst response to, ‘I have a crush on you’?

Just imagine someone telling you they have a crush on you, and instead of a happy dance, things take a tumble down the giggle slide. Get ready for some serious laughs as we share the silliest and goofiest responses when someone says, “I like you.” We’ll explore funny tales that will make you chuckle, giggle, and maybe even remember your own blunderous moments in this wacky exploration of crush confessions gone wrong. Are you ready to join the fun? Let’s go! 

Recently a Redditor asked, “What’s the worst response to, ‘I have a crush on you’?”


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laughing then they yell to their friends hey yall gotta hear this


Picture this: You finally gather the courage to confess your crush, and your heart flutters as you spill the beans. Unexpectedly, laughter erupts, breaking the tension. Amidst giggles, your crush excitedly yells to their friends, “Hey y’all gotta hear this!” Your confession turns into a legendary tale, reminding us that sometimes the worst responses lead to the best memories. Laughter is the ultimate icebreaker, even in awkward moments of affection.


Ouch! “Ew” is the worst response to a heartfelt confession. It stings and leaves you cringing. But remember, kindness matters, even when feelings aren’t mutual. Let’s navigate love’s rollercoaster with empathy and grace.

Oh, the awkward silence that follows the dreaded words, “I really wish you hadn’t told me that.” Your heart sinks as they walk away without another word, leaving you hanging in a sea of uncertainty and embarrassment. It’s the worst response one can receive after baring their feelings. While rejection is tough, remember that vulnerability takes courage, and it’s okay to stumble along love’s path. Take heart, for better days will come, and someday, someone will cherish your feelings as much as you do. Keep your chin up, and let this experience be a stepping stone toward finding the love and respect you truly deserve.

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In the rollercoaster of love confessions, we’ve encountered cringe-worthy responses, from laughter to rejection. Amidst awkward moments, let’s cherish courage, empathy, and kindness. Embrace the journey’s unpredictability, learn from experiences, and keep our hearts open to endless possibilities. Love’s adventure is worth taking, making shared vulnerability and understanding all the more meaningful. Happy love adventures ahead!

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