What's the Worst Response to "I have a boyfriend"?

When dealing with people who have different mindsets, it can be hard to predict how they will respond to what you say. So do you ever give a thought about what can be the worst response to the innocent phrase “I have a boyfriend”? In Reddit, the same question was raised recently by one user. Other Redditors have shared their takes on the worst possible ways to react to this classic response. Brace yourself for a journey through humor and absurdity that originates from the depths of the internet’s creativity.

“Oh. Well, is he seeing anyone?”

This response takes awkwardness to a whole new level. Imagine being on the receiving end of such a question! It’s a quirky attempt at humour that plays on the unexpected. While it might not win anyone over, it’s certainly a memorable way to handle rejection.

“Statistically he’s most likely to murder you”

Dark humour meets statistical absurdity in this response. Redditors bring a morbid twist to the situation, reminding us that even in the realm of rejection, statistics can take an eerie turn.

WE have a boyfriend.”

The awkwardness meter hits its peak with this response. It’s not just one boyfriend, but apparently, it’s a joint venture. This humorous reply takes the rejection in stride and serves up a laugh.

“That’s ok he can watch”

A bold response that showcases confidence, albeit in an unconventional way. While it’s clearly meant to be amusing, it also highlights how some people choose to navigate awkward situations with humor.

“OK, I’ll go for your mother then…”

A dash of sass mixed with unexpected redirection. This response turns the tables on the situation, leaving room for a playful comeback. It’s an example of how creativity can transform awkwardness into banter.

“Yeah, I know. He’s my boyfriend too”

Taking a surprising twist, this response suggests that there might be more to the story than meets the eye. It’s a clever way to maintain composure and deliver a light-hearted punchline.

“Well, then I want a divorce.”

Injecting some drama into the situation, this reply takes rejection to a whole new level. It plays on the idea of commitment and adds an element of unexpected theatricality.

“And I have a cat”

When humour meets simplicity, you get this response. It’s a light-hearted way to acknowledge the rejection and offer an equally casual counter.

“Lucky you – considering your face”

Responding to rejection with a hint of self-deprecating humor can be a powerful way to disarm the situation. This response doesn’t shy away from poking fun at itself while navigating the awkwardness.

“Not anymore” /pulls out severed boyfriend’s head”

Embracing the absurd to the fullest, this response ventures into the realm of the macabre. It’s a vivid example of how the internet’s creativity knows no bounds, even in the face of rejection.


To the question “What’s the worst response to ‘I have a boyfriend’?” this brings out the internet’s quirky side. From dark humor to unexpected redirection, Redditors have shown their knack for turning awkwardness into amusement. While these responses might not earn anyone a date, they do highlight the power of humor and creativity in navigating the complexities of human interactions. So, next time you’re faced with the infamous rejection line, remember, the worst response might just make for the best laugh. Share your own thoughts and join the conversation below!

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