“Wispots” Net worth Update (Before & After Shark Tank)

“Wispots” Net worth Update (Before & After Shark Tank)

“Wispots” got featured on Shark Tank USA in 2009 August. It was founded by Kevin Flannery.

Wispots net worth in 2022

Here is an update on “Wispots’s net worth so far.

Wispots’s Net worth before appearing on Shark Tank12,000,000 USD
Wispots’s Net worth [year between appearing and now]Out of Business
Wispots’s Current Net worth (2022) Out of Business

Wispots’s founder Kevin Flannery has a net worth of 800,000 USD as of 2022.

Updated :

Among hundreds of brands that came into Fish tank for aid, the wispots were crucial. First, it is a brand that is associated with medical purposes. Second, it is something to come up with as an IT solution. You already know whether they could go through the Shark Tank with success already. Let’s remember that again and know what happened to Wispots after Shark Tank Appearance.

What is Wispots?

Wispots is an interactive system that delivers services related to Wi-Fi and ad cooperation. It has been planned for the high trafficking areas where the patients get medical attention and treatments. The founders of this product have thought of the examination rooms, check-in areas, and waiting rooms which are considered the most beneficial for the users.

When coming to the utmost features of the Wispots, patients enjoy not only online surfing but checking out their clinical trials, completing surveys, and checking email. The Wispots have been designed to be operated using a wireless pad that also acts as a display. Patients see the pharmaceutical products, promos, and other marketing stuff through the display when they don’t use the pad.

Who is the founder of Wispots?

Kevin Flanner Is responsible for creating the brand, Wispots. He was a maritime professional with more than 20 years of experience. In addition to that, he is a professional in wireless technology, which he used to introduce the Wispots technology. Kevin had to spend more than 06 years doing research and tests before setting up the Wispots.

 The initial target Kevin was patient-centric institutes where the patients need to have entertainment along with the care. He was leading his role at AivenGroup as the CEO at the same time. It is crucial he had not involved any partner for Wispots as well. 

Although Kevin had many things in his mind, he could not fulfill all of them due to financial burden. He had to sell his house for $550,000, $41,000, and some of his expenditures to bear the expense. When it seemed he was not going to win the struggle, he decided to appear on Shark Tank. 

What happened at the Shark Tank

What Kevin needed at the Shark Tank was a financial partnership. He had offered 10% of his company share for 1.2M USD for these interested parties. When explaining the situation.

 Kevin mentioned that he had been putting money for the Wispots, and he had happened to expend more than $550,000 from his direct funding. Kevin O’Leary was the person to peep first. He said that his funding would be equal to a troop. But they would die before they returned.

Kevin also stepped out of the deal as he could see there was something wrong with the Wi-Fi and the patient’s deal. Although Barbara appreciated what Flannery had done so far, she said that it was not wise to do that. 

After hearing John Daymond’s conclusion that it is wise to step down before expending more money, it was clear that the Shark Tank had never been ready to accept the deal. 

More importantly, they did not even make a rough suggestion for shares, even for a reduced price or an increased shareholding. 

Wispots Shark Tank update

Kevin had to leave the shark tank without getting any deal onto spots. It has passed six years since the episode. It is enough to either vanish or succeed with the business within that particular time as well.

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What happened to Wispots After the Shark Tank?

Two years after the Shark tank, in 2019, Kevin changed his company name to AIRwave Medical Solutions INC. It was visible that he had removed some following links to his company, and it seemed the company was about to end its role in the medical field. When coming to the present day, the company is no more, and Kevin has uprooted the company along with Wispots. If he had taken the advice from Shark Tank, he would not have ruined his family.

Competitors off Wispots

PatientPoint is a similar product to wispots that has enabled similar medical services to patients. Also, the Phreesia, ZocDoc, Vitals, and JoyTunes companies have a comparative competition to Wispots. 

is Wispots still in business?

After 10 years of operations, in 2012 wispots shut down its business.NOW Kevin is the President and CEO of AivenGroup company