What’s the laziest/easiest way you’ve lost weight?

Are you tired of hearing that losing weight means a lot of hard work and sacrifice?

In this awesome blog article, we’re going to explore the lazy side of weight loss. We’ll uncover simple tricks and shortcuts that can help you shed those extra pounds without feeling like you’re doing a ton of work. 

We’re talking about small changes you can make in your daily life, fun hacks, and even some really interesting ideas you probably haven’t heard of before. 

So recently Redditor ask in public, “What’s the laziest/easiest way you’ve lost weight?”

Here is what the Reddit community thought about it. 

In this article, we have listed the most upvoted comments received for the above question on the AskReddit thread.

Stopped drinking sodas.

Sometimes I’m too lazy to make dinner and just have sleep instead.

Salmonella. I lost 6.5kg in 7 days.

Intermittent Poverty is good and experiencing a major depressive episode are my go-to FWIW

Rave scene. Ecstasy and LSD don’t really mix with food.

There were even more super interesting answers that made everyone really excited!

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