What would you most want to do if it was the end of the world in 10 minutes? |#Answerreddit


The end of the world is one thing that almost all human beings are always thinking about. December 2012 was one of the most memorable times; we all were waiting for that experience. Even there was a film about the 2012 world end. But this article is about something other than December 2012. Here we are going to talk about what you most want to do in the last 10 minutes if the world is going to end. 

This article is based on Reddit, and here is the most-voted #Answerreddit.

Good mentality

good mentality

This is the most-voted answer on the Reddit thread, and almost all said it is the positivist comment in the line. It is because if the world is going to end from a big boom or something like that, rather than cower and hide, you can enjoy the last few minutes with a beautiful view because you will surely die. Although the world end Still, you have to chance to enjoy it.

Keep scrolling

keep scroll

This is another most-voted answer on the Reddit thread. As per the comments of the thread, this is the true answer. If you are a social media person more than a social one, you can just share your last memes on Facebook, add some photos to your Instagram story, and also you can add something to Twitter with #worldend. 

Try to nap

try to nap

Trying to sleep is another answer to that thread, and it is pretty cool too. If you are not brave enough to watch the world end or don’t have anyone to talk to. With all the struggles inside of head, there has a question of whether can sleep. But if you could sleep, it would be a more peaceful death.

There have some other answers on that Reddit thread, some of them saying, “Probably wonder what kind of mental illness the person who told me that has“, “grab a beer sit outside and enjoy nature until the end“, and “Hug my wife and kids“.

However, when considering everyone’s comments, all doing things that will make them happy. Anyway, if this differs from yours, you can comment below on what you will do.

What do you think?

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