What to occupy yourself with during a long trip?

When the game in mobile phone gets bored and wants something more real, the first thing that comes to mind – throw all your business, forget about everything and go far, far away. And when you don’t have to sit behind the wheel and think about the road, it seems that you get twice as much pleasure.But you can also get away from the boring road, spend time online in casinos not blocked gamestop.

Traveling by car is convenient: you can stop and explore the area at any time, no crowds of tourists, and it’s also cheaper than the train or plane. One problem – the road can be monotonous and tedious for an example if you are travelling to Niagara falls the road might get adventurous.You can take all Niagara Falls Tours from NYC for a more fun tour. In this article we have collected tips on how to spend this time in a fun and useful way.

Entertainment options on the road

  • Arrange a karaoke battle

You’ve probably seen at least one episode of Carpool Karaoke, an entertainment show by comedian James Corden. Its essence is that the characters (from Lady Gaga to Justin Bieber) drive around in the car and belt out their favorite songs to the car stereo. Try it the same way: pick a song and film it being played by pointing the DVR into the passenger compartment. It can be fun – as long as you don’t distract the driver!

  • Play 20 questions

The game of 20 Questions goes by many names, and the number of questions may vary. But the point is always the same: one person asks a character, a place or a thing, and then fellow travelers take turns asking 20 questions to see what was riddled. The main thing is that the answer to the question is supposed to be simple, either “yes” or “no.” Here’s a look at how 20 Questions was played in the early 1950s, and here’s what the process looks like today.

  • Put words together from the letters on license plates

The idea is simple: you memorize the letters you see on the license plate of an oncoming car, and try to think of a word with those letters in the same order. For example, if the license plate is “O123SK”, one of the words could be “longing”. A simpler option: make up phrases where each word starts with a letter on the sign. The one who could name the most words should buy something tasty at the gas station.

  • Get to know your traveling companions better

Whether you’re traveling with close friends or barely acquainted buddies, it’s not unreasonable (and also highly entertaining) to learn something unexpected about your traveling companions. To do this, you can play “Two Truths and One Lie.” Recall a couple of non-obvious and implausible facts about yourself and dilute one fictional. See how perceptive your companions are, and then try to find the lies in their words.

Another fun bonding game is “Never have i ever”. Think of something you’ve never done – like never been to Asia. The other players should curl their fingers if they’ve already been there. The next player then drives, and the winner is the player with the most unbent fingers left at the end of the game.

The third option games – 1 pound minimum deposit casino. Here you can choose one of the suitable resources and get stuck in a gamble for a few hours. Moreover, today you can also bet on sports in one place. This is a great opportunity to break up the boredom and earn money.

  • Make up a story while your traveling companions are asleep.

When you are asleep and you are at the wheel, this is the game to play: make up a believable story together with your awake companions. And then – let everyone around the circle to add a new twist or an unexpected detail. The task is to convince your awake friend that the story is true.

  • Learn a new language

If you’re traveling alone, you might as well pick up a foreign language on the road. Start describing everything you meet along the way: sidewalks, trees, monuments, cyclists. Remember how these words sound in another language, and make up a short story using them. Another option is to spot passengers in a nearby car while stopping at a traffic light and make up a biography for them. And if you don’t want to make anything up, you can do audio exercises or just listen to songs and try to figure out the words.

  • Or figure out what you’ve been wanting to figure out for a long time

Maybe you’ve dreamed of learning about the history of World War I, understanding the basics of solfeggio, or diving into astrophysics? The road is perfect for that. Choose lectures in advance or start a course at one of the world’s major universities. For example, take from a website that has a collection of lectures from Stanford, MIT, and Oxford in disciplines ranging from virology to anthropology. If you can remember how a Heidelbergian man differs from a Floresian man, the trip will already be good for you.

  • Listen to a podcast or audiobook you’ve been putting off

You can listen to an entire book or series of podcasts (e.g., detective stories) at once while you’re on the road. Match content not only to your mood, but also to where you’re going. Learn more about your destination or be inspired by the stories of other travelers. And if you prefer podcasts to books, choose the right one from any popular resource.

  • Take pictures

Remember the Japanese traveler in Jarmusch’s “Mystery Train”? When he traveled, he would only take pictures of airports and hotel rooms, and his reasoning was simple: the highlights would stay in your memory, but what happened in between would not be so easy to remember. Arrange yourself a challenge: fix yourself not only against the monuments and sights, but also on the way to them, so that after a while you can reconstruct the entire journey in detail.


Do not be bored on the road if you do not know how to entertain yourself, you can always go into your smartphone and play, read, listen to music and much more, besides, the road is a new opportunity. You can meet fellow travelers and see new places with your own eyes. Don’t be discouraged if you get bored, you can always think of something, and our material will help you with that.