Italian Golden Visa

Italy’s golden visa also known as the investor visa for Italy was instated by the Italian government in 2017. This Visa allows non-European people to obtain Italy residence by investing in the economy of Italy. It’s not started in 2017 but the changes were made in 2017 to attract non-European investors. The golden visa offers plenty of opportunities to investors and in this article, we are going to look at Golden visa benefits and how to get an Italian golden visa without hassle.

The Italian golden visa is valid for two years and can be renewed for 3 additional years. This visa allows the investor to live in Italy and enjoy the business perks as well.

Requirements of Investment for Italian Golden Visa

There are different types of investment options available to get an Italian golden visa. The minimum investment is by donating to the philanthropic field. However, there are other ways as well I have shared them below.

  1. To get the golden visa you need to make a minimum investment of 200,000 euros in government bonds. If you invest this amount you will become eligible for a golden visa.
  2. If you want another option to become eligible for a golden visa by investing 500,000 euros in corporate bonds or shares. This investment will also open gates for you.
  3. If you or someone else has an innovative start-up idea and you are willing to invest that you can apply for a golden visa. The minimum amount required to invest in an innovative startup is 250,000 euros.
  4. As stated above that the minimum amount required to invest to get a golden visa is in the field of philanthropy. To get a golden visa with this route you need to invest a minimum of 100,000 euros.

The above-mentioned investments are the option to open the golden visa for you. You can choose any type of investment according to your budget. However, this does not end here you need to get all the documents and procedure right to get the golden visa. Let’s take a look at the steps you need to take to get an investor visa.

How to Get an Italian Golden Visa

To get a golden visa you need to follow the given below steps.

  • You need to submit all the required documents to the official investment visa portal offered by the Italian government.
  • After that, the Italian investor committee will take a look at your documents and will evaluate your application.
  • The investor committee will take up to 30 days to evaluate your application and then they will give their verdict. If the verdict is positive you will get Nulla Osta (It’s a certificate of no impediment).
  • After obtaining this certificate you can apply for a golden visa by visiting your local Italian embassy or consulate. Note that you have to visit and apply within six months after the issuance of Nulla Osta.
  • If they approve you will get an investor visa for two years.
  • After entering Italy within eight days of entry you need to apply for the investor residence permit. The permit is valid for two years. Moreover, you need to tell the Questera about the place where you are going to stay. It is mandatory. The residence permit is valid for two years the counting will start from the day you have entered Italy.
  • After getting your residence permit you need to make your investment or donation within three months. It is necessary to invest within 3 months of the entry if you fail to invest your permit will be canceled and you will not be able to take part in the golden visa.
  • However, if you maintain your investment or donation you can renew your residence permit for additional three years.

What are the benefits of the Italian Golden Visa?

There are numerous benefits to obtaining an Italian golden visa. I am going to outline a few below.

  • The golden visa allows you to become eligible for Italian Citizenship after ten years. Yes, you can become an Italian national after holding an investor visa for 10 years.
  • You will get a special tax regime if you have a golden visa in Italy.
  • The golden visa allows you to travel freely in the Schengen zone. You can travel to any country that comes under the zone of Schengen.
  • You can also add your family members to the application. Meaning, you can relocate your whole family to Italy after a certain period by holding onto a golden visa.
  • The golden visa allows you to work in Italy without any hassle. Moreover, your family members can work as well. So, that’s a plus point of getting the golden visa.
  • You can also obtain the healthcare system of Italy. The healthcare of Italy is very well known in the world for its perks. So, Yes the golden visa allows you to have Italian healthcare benefits.


Italy does not only offers the most versatile cuisines they offer more. Italy is located in a place where you can enjoy the sunshine to snowfall. The Italian golden visa Is the best option for those who are looking to move freely in the Schengen zone. Moreover, it is suitable for living as well you will not only enjoy delicious meals but will get business opportunities too. The golden visa allows you to have the world’s finest healthcare system. Also, you can get citizenship after 10 years of initially getting the golden visa.

The Italy golden visa is quicker than any other European country investment visa. The country of Italy receives many ex-pats and investors every year. The golden visa allows you to secure Italian citizenship. Moreover, you can take your family with you and family members can work as well in Italy.

If you are looking to enjoy European residence then I would highly recommend you to get an Italian golden visa because it allows you to have a stunning experience of living, working, and doing business.