Visiting the USA

Visiting the USA

The magnificent land of opportunity is one of the most desirable countries in the world. Along with job and education prospects, this country may offer a huge number of reasons to visit it as far as tourism is concerned. North America is so gigantic that your whole life will not be enough to visit all of its interesting places. A highly developed local network of airline travel made it possible to visit the farthest corners of this great country. New York to Houston, Load Angeles to Washington, or Boston to Dallas flights — just imagine any possible route, and you will surely find a respective airline trip.

Cities to Visit

The list of all cities worth visiting will be too extensive, but let us go through at least some of them that definitely deserve your attention.

New York

This place is famous as the city that never sleeps. It is also the city chosen by many foreign investors who want to settle in the USA and benefit from the local opportunities. Who has not heard about the Big Apple? Modern culture promoted it to the point that most people are aware of the city’s most prominent landmarks without even visiting the USA at least once. The landmarks that are strongly recommended to visit include Broadway, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and Central Park.


This city is famous for its culinary delight referred to as cheesesteak. This fancy food has become Philadelphia’s trademark. It cannot be compared with anything similar in the world. In addition, Philadelphia is the only America’s UNESCO World Heritage City. The highlights to visit are Independence Hall, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Liberty Bell, and Reading Terminal Market.


When it comes to size, Chicago is recognized as the third city in the US, but it can be the first as far as refined restaurants, perfect museums, and top-notch architecture are concerned. The city is proud of the tallest building in America — the Willis Tower. The city definitely belongs to a must-visit list of any tourist. The places to visit include Cloud Gate, the Art Institute of Chicago, Willis Tower, and Navy Pier.

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Written by Joshua White

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