Celebrities become what they become for their focus and vision. In a large number of cases, they build wealth and name for themselves through their hard work. It doesn’t include inheritance. And if you think these are privileged people, you need to reconsider it once. They enjoy a certain social status, power, and benefit because of their merit. People look up to them as they proved their worth and showed that anyone could be in their position if only they believe. Here is an example of such personalities.

Actor and Producer Tom Cruise

The international heartthrob has an estimated net worth of $570 Million. Most people know him for his stellar acting performances and filmmaking. But not everyone might be aware that he is a global cultural icon and a philanthropist too. Cruise has won countless accolades along the way, of which Golden Globe Awards and Academy Awards’ nominations deserve special mention. Born in Syracuse, New York, he is also one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. Tom Cruise didn’t come from a solid economic background. Despite all the challenges, he found a path for himself and grew to be an icon for millions of fans.

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius networth stands at $50 million. The marketing wizard has always been bright in his studies. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in marketing from Penn State University with flying colors and soon joined a telecom company. While working there, he got the recognition of being the number 1 salesperson in the US. After tasting success as a professional, Eric explored entrepreneurial itch, which again proved to be the best decision of his life. He amassed lots of wealth. Today, the same fortune goes into funding the scholarship programs for students through his foundation.

Eric loves his hometown Miami, Florida, and coaching companies and individuals to help them become successful. He shares a keen interest in Bitcoin too.

Humanitarian, Philanthropist, and Former Actress Meghan Markle

Born in Los Angeles, California, Markle is a famous former American actress and a part of the British Royal family. She started acting when she was studying at Northwestern University. Her popularity continued to climb with her lifestyle blog about influential women and the launch of two fashion clothing brands. Besides, she focuses on a lot of charitable works and causes, from poverty to gender equality. After marrying Prince Harry in 2018, she had to quit acting to follow the immigration rules to become a British citizen. Meghan’s net worth is $2.2 million based on her earnings, as per reports. However, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s combined net worth can be anywhere from $50 million to $75 million.

These celebrities are the epitome of success. They also believe in empowering society to grow and excel in their chosen or destined fields. If you want to become something, you should learn to devote yourself to the path you select. You may not accumulate as much wealth as they did, but you can take care of yourself and your family well.

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