Larisa Udovichenko

Larisa Udovichenko was born on April 29, 1955 in Vienna, where her father, military doctor Ivan Nikonovich Udovichenko, then served. Mother – Muza Alekseevna Udovichenko, studied to be an actress, but because of the war she did not graduate from the university. Sister – Yana (worked as director of the Odessa House of Cinema).

Larisa Udovichenko: “My mother is a failed actress. She is from Leningrad, studied at the Institute of Theater, Music and Cinema at the acting department. But the war began, the blockade, and she did not manage to graduate from the institute. She later married my father, who, as in a fairy tale, saved her during the war. And since he was a military man, they toured the country. “
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The future actress spent her childhood in Odessa. The girl was actively involved in sports and participated in the school theater. In the ninth grade of the school, Udovichenko began to study at the national film actor’s studio at the Odessa film studio, where she was noticed by director Alexander Pavlovsky.

In 1970, 15-year-old Larisa Udovichenko made her debut in Alexander Pavlovsky’s comedy “Happy Kukushkin”, playing the role of schoolgirl Lyudmilochka. Then the young actress starred in the social drama Yulka (1972).

In 1972, the young actress arrived in Moscow and applied to all universities, where she taught acting. Having passed the competition at VGIK, Larisa began to study with the famous teacher Sergei Apollinarievich Gerasimov and his wife, actress Tamara Fedorovna Makarova.

After graduating from VGIK in 1976, Larisa began to actively act in films, becoming one of the most popular Soviet actresses during the 1980-1990s.

National love came to Larisa Udovichenko in 1979 after the role of Manka-Bonds in the cult crime drama directed by Stanislav Govorukhin “The meeting place cannot be changed.”

Larisa Udovichenko: “I love her very much and often remember her. Remember, she asked how to write: bond or abligation? It was I, because of my illiteracy, did not know how to write, and asked Vysotsky. Volodya replied: “Write: bond.” And the director Govorukhin overheard and seized on: “Oh, great! Let’s leave it in the picture. “
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Larisa Udovichenko was married twice. Her first husband was film director Andrei Eshpai. For the second time, the actress married businessman Gennady Bolgarin, to whom she gave birth to a daughter, Maria, in 1988. However, this marriage also ended in divorce.

Larisa Udovichenko: “I really wanted to give birth. After the birth of my daughter, she lost even more weight. I worried about everything like a crazy mother. Not filmed for two years. Gave birth at 32, absolutely deliberately. “
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Despite the enormous employment in the cinema, Udovichenko found time for the theatrical stage. Larisa played the main roles in popular performances: “The Siren and Victoria” (1999-2002), “Who is the last for love?” (2002-2011), “The Rape of Sabinyaninov” (2007-2010), “Marry Me” (2009), “Rose with a Double Scent” (2012) and “Crying Forward” (2014).

Larisa Udovichenko: “For the first time she played in an entreprise based on the play by Galina“ Siren and Victoria ”, where Vitaly Solomin is the director and performer of the main role, our partner Irina Rozanova is there. In the theater, a partner on stage is very important, because everything happens this second. And you have no right to deceive the audience. “
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During her career, the artist played more than 120 roles in such favorite films and TV series as: “Red and Black” (1976), “Tryn-grass” (1976), “Golden Mine” (1977), “And it’s all about him” (1977), “I ask you to blame Klava K. for my death.” (1979), “Winter Cherry” (1985), “Valentine and Valentine” (1985), “Most Charming and Attractive” (1985), “Mary Poppins, Goodbye” (1983), “Shot in the Back” (1980) , “People in the Ocean” (1980), “Inspector Losev” (1982), “Dangerous for life!” (1985), “A Married Bachelor” (1982), “Love in Russian” (1995), “Love in Russian 2” (1996), “Pan or Lost” (1998-2003), “Love in Russian 3” : Governor “(1999),” Dasha Vasilyeva. A lover of private investigation … “(2003-2005),” Where do children come from? ” (2008), “My Crazy Family” (2011), “Stepanych’s Mexican Voyage” (2012), “Prisoner of the Caucasus!” (2014) and many others. dr.


▪ Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1984)
▪ People’s Artist of the Russian Federation (1998)


▪ Special prize of the All-Union Film Festival for the film “Same as We Are!” (1980)
▪ Prize of the Sozvezdiye Film Festival in the nomination “Best Actor in a Supporting Role”
for the films “Wild Love”, “Love in Russian” and “To Whom God Will Send” (1995)
▪ Prize of the Guild of Historians of Cinema and Film Critics of Russia “Golden Aries “(1995)

A family

First husband – Andrei Eshpai, film director (divorced)
Second husband – Gennady Bolgarin, businessman (divorced)
Daughter – Maria (1988), from his second marriage

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