Growing Popularity of Meme Sharing Websites

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4 Things You Should Know Before You Start Using Memes on Social Media

Meme, pronounced as Meem, was coined by Richard Dawkins in his book “The Selfish Game” in 1976. The original concept of meme was to share cultural ideas and concepts through transmission from one person to another. Largely, the concept of meme is theoretical.

However, with the advent of technology and the evolving ways with which communication takes place online, meme sharing has become quite a phenomenon. Avid and active social media users regularly entertain people in their social media circle with sharing memes that are sure to brighten up the mood of whoever sees them.

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Memes as an Inevitable Communication Medium on Social Media Platforms

Memes have been ruling the internet for quite a long time now. However, the meaning of meme has changed slightly over the years. Unlike Dawkins’ concept of memes where he links it to genes for cultural transmission, the memes that we see these days on the internet are an altered version of the original concept. However, despite the alteration in the concepts, the basic concept of memes remains the same at heart- to share ideas from person to person.

Meme sharing has been an important ritual of those using social media to regularly share their views and ideas through these little pictures which symbolize some cultural transmission taking place. Memes are analogously related to genes in the sense that just like the genes; the successful memes spread and remain popular for a long time while the unfit ones are soon forgotten.

Therefore, meme sharing websites like Igmur, Giphy, and PutPut have to constantly update their database with the latest and entertaining memes.Lustige memes – Meme bilder – witzige memes | PutPut is a great meme sharing platform where the users can find a wide collection of memes suiting their mood and need. It has successfully garnered a huge audience in providing the best memes of all times and allowing the users to share it without any hassle.

Rising Demand of Meme Sharing Websites

Lustige memes – Meme bilder – witzige memes | PutPut has seen a tremendous growth in attracting a huge audience group with its huge collection of memes which range from dank memes, surreal memes to classical memes. These memes are the constant source of joy and happiness for all and will surely prove to cheer you up.

After all, this is what memes on the internet are for, to brighten up your mood and help you cheer up. Lustige memes – Meme bilder – witzige memes | PutPut not only allows its users to share memes but also provides a great platform for all those who want to upload their own memes so that it can reach a larger audience.

Meme sharing is quite popular among all social media users especially teens as it allows relatable ways of expressing ideas and thoughts. Memes have reached a stage of popularity that no other medium on the web has managed to reach so far in such a short span of time. Also, it is no secret that given the speed at which internet memes are being shared online, it doesn’t take long for a particular meme to become viral overnight.


Meme sharing websites like Lustige memes –Meme bilder – witzige memes | PutPut has ensured complete satisfaction of its audience in terms of providing the most amazing and wonderful memes always. It is no wonder how powerful memes have become in spreading ideas, thoughts and influencing the audience. More and more companies are also relying on memes for advertisements to bring in a sense of close connection with the audience. Thus, it is needless to say that memes are the future and theyre surely going to rule the web for a long time.