Porch Pirates Begone: 5 High-Tech Tools for Preventing Package Theft

The rise of online shopping means more packages are winding up on doorsteps than ever before, and where there are unguarded packages, there are opportunities for porch pirates to have their way with your new purchases. Fortunately, the tech industry is one step ahead of these thieves. Here are five high-tech tools to keep your deliveries safe and protect your home from theft. 

A virtual PO box

The simplest way to outsmart porch pirates is to eliminate the porch. With an online PO box, no longer are the days of surveying your front porch on high alert in hopes of repelling mail bandits. Instead of your packages waiting out in the open for you to bring them inside, have them delivered to an online PO box at a fully staffed and completely secure mail center. You can also check your online PO box from your phone, so you know when your packages are ready to be picked up. 

Smart video doorbells

Smart doorbells are more than just a modern-day door peephole. Homeowners can also use these devices to monitor their stoops 24/7, ensuring your home is safe, secure, and shielded from porch pirates. 

Most standard smart video doorbells record incidents spurred on by movement and stream a live feed over your home wifi. This way, you can check your porch feed while you are away, and in case of any package theft incidents, you can use the recorded video feed to aid authorities in catching the thief.

Porch security cameras

Similar to smart video doorbells, home security cameras are becoming an increasingly popular way to keep your home safe beyond protecting against porch pirates. These security systems can protect your entire home, not just your front stoop. While you can monitor your property by live feed and keep backup recordings for evidence, home security camera systems also protect by deterring troublemakers in the first place. The simple appearance of a well-guarded home, such as visible cameras or home security lawn signs, tells porch pirates and burglars to hit the road. 

Smart padlocks 

Adding a smart padlock to a porch lock box is a quick solution for insecure package receivers. Having a secure place to store deliveries until you can bring them inside your home is an excellent way to deter thieves from your home.

When your packages idle out in the open, wandering eyes can catch a glimpse of these unattended parcels. If you receive package deliveries often, hiding them in a lockbox keeps your delivery habits a secret, striking your home from a burglar’s hit list. 

Note that smart padlocks can be reset after every use, guaranteeing that the passcode always remains a secret.

Use a package pickup locker

To ensure that your package will be there when you pick it up, opt for receiving your parcel at a package pickup locker, such as an Amazon Locker. These self-service receptacles give you the option to pick up your items from a secure storage unit in a safe location, like your local grocery store. 

When making your purchase online, simply select the nearest locker and create a one-time passcode.

Final thoughts

Having a security system in place at home is key to defending your purchases while you are away. Deter porch pirates by placing conspicuous security cameras and security system placards. Smart video doorbells can also help monitor deliveries and record footage of any suspicious activity. As a final precaution, provide the delivery company with a one-time passcode to your smart padlock and ensure that your packages will remain out of eyeshot until you arrive. Or, cut out the delivery risk altogether and opt for a virtual PO box or a parcel locker. 

Whatever your protection method of choice, these high-tech tools outsmart porch pirates and keep your deliveries safe.