7 best and simple life hacks for glasses wearers

People who don’t wear glasses don’t know how challenging it can be. Behind the beautiful frame styles and colours, there are daily struggles that only the people who wear glasses can understand.

However, you can make your glasses experience a little bit more fun and enjoyable by trying some simple life hacks. If you want to wear headphones with your glasses on or keep your frame from falling off, these hacks are for you.

Hook your glasses to your shirt

It’s so easy to lose glasses when we are not using them. Most of us don’t have a specific place to put our glasses when they are not in use. For instance, we often put our glasses anywhere before taking a shower or sleeping at night only to search for them blindly later.

When you are out and don’t need your glasses, hook them to your shirt. Not only will you know where you’ve put them but you will also look cool. It is some kind of a trend too. If you have a cool pair of glasses frames for men or women, you can flaunt it even when you are using it. Simply hang it on your shirt.

At home, you need to have a specific place in your bedroom where you keep your glasses. It could be the bedside table or the drawer in your closet.

No more foggy lenses

People who wear glasses have another awkward experience whenever they are sipping hot tea or soup. The steam fogs up the lenses leaving you with no visual clarity.

The usage of face masks has made this problem more common. Now you don’t need contact with hot food to get misty lenses. Your warm breath flowing upwards when you are wearing a mask is enough to do so.

To make sure that your designer glasses frames grab attention for their looks and not for the foggy lenses, wash the lenses with soapy water in the morning. You can use a liquid-based detergent and wipe the lenses off with a lint-free piece of cloth.

The thin soapy film over the lenses will repel water molecules and prevent them from fogging up. So whether you are catching evening tea or going out in public, this little hack won’t let your lenses get all fogged up.

Stuff your headphones

Wearing headphones when you already have glasses on puts a lot of pressure on the temporal bone. It triggers headaches within only an hour of using headphones.

To combat this problem, take a few pieces of sponge and stuff them inside the headphone so they feel comfortable against your ears. This way, you can wear your glasses while listening to your favourite jam.

Fix the frame

Old frames get crooked due to daily wear and tear. But, just because you have a crooked frame doesn’t mean that you can’t make do with it.

Just put your frame on a flat surface and see which side seems unusual. Adjust the frame with your hand until it becomes as flat as the table. If you have a plastic frame, heat it up a bit using a hairdryer so that it can be bent easily.

Even when you’ve bought a brand new pair of glasses frames for women, you can use this trick too. It works the best on malleable materials such as titanium or metal.

Make them anti-slip

If your glasses temples don’t have bendy ends, your glasses fall off your face every time you bend a little to pick something up or tie up your shoelace.

Here’s a simple hack for this. Use a hair tie and do a couple of rounds of it at the back of your frame arms. It will make the temples fit perfectly between your ears and sides of your head. And since the hair tie is going behind the ears, people won’t even notice it.

Use your smartphone camera

In the event when you misplace your glasses and you are shortsighted, take out your smartphone and turn on the camera. Investigate the places where you think that you might have put your glasses by looking in the camera view.

Your phone camera gives a closer view of faraway things. You can use this function to find your carelessly placed specs.

Use toothpaste to remove scratches from the lenses

Use a non-abrasive toothpaste and gently rub it on your glasses lenses with the help of cotton cloth. Do it for 10 seconds and wash the lenses with cold water afterwards. You will see that the scratches are reduced. Repeat the process until you remove all the scratches from your lenses.

You can only do it when the lenses are scratched. If the frame is damaged or broken, order same-day glasses that reach you within 24 hours.

Try out these hacks to make your bespectacled journey a little easier. Glasses don’t need high maintenance. Use these clever tricks to put an end to your glasses problems.