What has been the most destructive lie in human history?

The human world is filled with lies. We have lied to someone at least one time in our life. But this is not about the small lies we say every day. This is the most voted list of #AnswerReddit for ‘What has been the most destructive lie in human history?’

Exposure to tetra-ethyl lead is harmless.

Tetra-ethyl lead is mainly used as an antiknock agent in gasoline and jet fuels. Thomas Midgley, Jr. founded it. However, after decades it was found that  TEL(Tetra-ethyl lead) is causing brain damage, chronic illness, lowered IQ, elevated mortality, and many more.

Thomas Midgley and General Motors are lying that exposure to tetra-ethyl lead is harmless.Tetra-ethyl lead was a gasoline additive present in all gasoline sold in the US until it was banned in the 70s. Almost every child growing up from 1920 to 1970 had lead poisoning to some degree.Entire generations grew up with their minds being poisoned, unable to reach their potential because of him. Not to mention the secondary effects, lead exposure is associated with criminal behaviors.


“Cigarette is no more ‘addictive’ than coffee.” James W. Johnston

 James W. Johnston was a biology professor in the USA. When the cigarette was found, he said, “Cigarette smoking is no more ‘addictive’ than coffee, tea, or Twinkies.” here we are now with an annual 480,000 death count. 

“Cigarette smoking is no more ‘addictive’ than coffee, tea, or Twinkies.”

James W. Johnston

Sugar is not bad as fat.

This is one of the most well-known facts that get stuck in society. Commonly fat causes cholesterol, and also sugar cause diabetes. These two diseases are dangerous as same. High sugar level not only kills you but also helps organ failure and also it will cause wounds that won’t heal.

Sugar isn’t the problem. It’s fats!

Let’s make everything “fat-free” & triple the sugar content!


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